Nuki Pro 4.0 not responding

Hi all,

I got my Nuki Pro 4.0 just yesterday and installed it with Firmware 4.1.8.

Today I was outside the door but the door just won’t open.
Nuki App is stuck at “connecting” or “loading”.
After multiple tries with the Nuki App, I switched to the Apple Home App. With that I was able to open the door.

It seems to me that there is an issue with the Nuki App communicating with the device.

Information about my setup:
Matter connection was established with Apple TV 4K as Hub.
I have a Fritzbox 6660 as a router.
Using an iPhone 15 Pro Max with iOS 17.4.

Anyone with similar experience?

Starting Friday I’d similar Problems. Homekit via ATV works but with the app has problems like you. After restart it works but today I’d the same problem. Restart and it works correct…

Is this a problem of the Server of Nuki? Bluetooth seems to be OK.

I try to check the exact case:

  • When I try to open / close the door in the WLAN, everything works fine.
  • When I’m coming home, Auto Unlock or open works fine. In Front of the door there is 5G or Bluetooth or maybe a change to WLAN.
  • But after that, the app can’t connect via Matter or WIFI.
  • After 10 Seconds it falls back to Bluetooth and stays there without Matter or WIFI (Web, Android and iOS)
  • Homekit works fine, so it should be connected
  • A reset of the lock (Battery out / in) or a reset of the WLAN helps to get the connection back. In some cases an open and close via bluetooth helps.
  • Log Items of the downtime are lost even after the reconnect.

Do you have any Idea? Should be a bug?

The problem seems to be longer active than Friday. I tried to remove Nuki Web and configured it again… We‘ll see :slight_smile:

Same here. Randomly no connection to matter.

I singed up for beta and try the next firmware if that shows any improvement with connection stability.

Thank you for your reply!

Which Type of border router do you use? Is only the Nuki App offline or is the Nuki device even for the border router offline?

One day without Log, reset of NukiWeb and energy mode middle the testcases are OK… I hope that it’ll work and the Nuki Support can optimize the software for this overall good product.

The testcases are good even on day 2 :slight_smile:

→ FW 4.1.8
→ The problem got massiv when the door sensor was installed (more log events)
→ For test I deactivated the log
→ Now the situation seems to be good (Matter was responsiv for 48h)

Could the sync of the log be a bug for the Matter case? Without door sensor with less log entrys it was not so extreme… I would be happy with this situation if it stays so… with log it would be even better :wink:

What says Nuki to this idea?

I have the same problem, the app can’t connect via the internet while bluetooth works ok. It is interesting that through the web Nuki works for me and I can manage it. Has anyone posted a solution

After reset NukiWeb with the user and deactivate the log of the Nuki it works well. Can you test it?

Hallo, I had same problem that i takes always long time to connect to my Nuki remotly.
Sometimes take really long or is not working at all.

my setup:
FW 4.2.4
Connection via Matter (homeassistant)
door sensor was installed

I read your post and deactivated the LOG for the door sensor.

Now it is much more responsive. Connects in a few seconds.

Thanks for the hint.

Oh, that’s great :slight_smile: I hope that Nuki can optimize the version by optimizing the code around the log :slight_smile:

PS: If you deactivate the log it should be total stable?

I have resolve my problem. I have delet app and reinstal then everthing work like before, perfekt