Nuki opens the door at 5:45 am when everybody was sleeping at home

Last night around 5:42 am, Nuki opens the door without human intervention. You can imagine how big was the scare.

I check the log and it seem Nuki receive a lock instruction around 6 minutes before. At this time everybody was sleeping.

I think my cellular restart some gps services or something like that and Nuki supposed I was out of my home and later when the cellular restart the Gps Niki detects again my position at home and opens the door. But I don’t understand who send the Lock command.

Currently I have a Samsung note 8 and Nuki had the firmware 2.5.0

After the issue, I install the latest firmware (2.5.1), the latest Niki Android beta app and latest Samsung security patch.

I try to attach some screenshots with versions and long

Please send a log-file to our support team at, so they can check the details of what happend.

As you maybe had no Debug mode on; please still provide us with the log file. Auto Unlock could maybe explained with some GPS issue, but lock command before is also very strange if not sent from you at that time.

Fortunately it never happened again. I have activated the Debug mode, for future issues I will send the log.
Thank you for you support