Nuki Opener with Bticino 344202

Hi There,
I am facing the biggest issues to instal the nuki opener to my intercom.
The website tells that it is compatible with the device but the process is kind weird.
As exemple, it doesnt tell me to connect all wires.
Also the explanation are not really clear. As example, what is B+ and B- ?
What is the ring wire we ask me to remove ?

This is the inital instalation.
I need help. My clients will arrive in a couple of days.
Thank you in advance

And here is the way Nuki wants me to install the device.

purple and blue wire not connected.
Please help me ! :triumph:

just sent you a PM

Hi. I have the same Modell and problem.
Can you help me as well?

Hi…I have the same Bticino model and I’m not able to connect the Nuki Opener, following the instruction.

Hey you fixed the problem and connected the Btcino?

Please help me…

Hola Buenas tengo el mismo problema no puedo saber como se hace la instalacion

Hi, this looks like it is a BTICINO 344212 (not 344202) according to my unit and a lot of googling. I have the same setup and and the Nuki app does not say it is correctly setup. Do you have a fix for this?

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gibt es auch mal einen richtigen Schaltplan die App ist ja sehr schlecht erklärt

I have the same problem. I have the Bticino 334202. After i have done all the steps and should be able to open the door via the app it still doesnt work. Pls help me