Nuki Opener with Bticino 334262 or 334202

I’m not completely sure of the exact version of my Bticino Intercom, but according to google it looks like the 334262 or 334202.

Anyway I was not able to find a scheme on the Nuki app that could work.
I have several appartements with the same Intercom so I would really like to make it works.

Can anyone help me to find the right wireing please?


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I have a very similar bticino intercom system.

Unfortunately, the Nuki Opener does not fully decode the bticino protocol, it only captures/replays packets, which might work in some cases, but did not work reliably at all in my case.

I have written quite a lot about the underlying issue and the fix that I ended up using:

Hope this helps, and I also hope that some day Nuki developers will actually implement proper bticino support…


Maybe it will get implemented if enough Btcino users vote: