Nuki Opener - Open door when doorbell rings longer than certain amount of time

Sorry for wrong Forum - seems that i´m not allowed to select Feature Request category?

Product name

NUKI Opener


Open the door when User presses the doorbell button for longer than x seconds.


Dear Team,

i switched from my own opener solution (arduino mini) to nuki opener and i really like it.
In my code of the arduino i checked how long the user pressed the doorbell and if its longer pressed than for example 7 seconds, the arduino opens the door. Most people do not ring that long, so i think this would be a nice additional feature for unlocking.


The Rign to Open feature has to be enabled before or if its in permanent mode always opens the door…

Please let me know what you are thniking about this idea.

Best regards

Is this a duplicate of Nuki Opener: custom ring time in Continuous Mode?

Sorry, i searched if this was requested before, but i missed that.
Yes this is exactly my request.

How are things going? Is this something you consider?

Currently we are fully focused on improving compatibility, so I can’t give you any update on requests for the Opener yet.
But it is good if we see how much support requests get, even if we can only check the feasability later.

Okay, not good to hear, but i understand.
Thank you