Nuki Opener: custom ring time in Continuous Mode

Product name



Allow user to open the entrance gates by ringing the intercom for a set time


Right now when Continuous Mode is enabled the gate opens as soon as somebody rings. By adding the possibility to set a threshold time, only those who ring more than a certain amount of time would be allowed in.


Allow people in without app, but only if they know they need to keep the intercom button pressed more than a certain amount of time


  • Let myself in if I lose my phone / my phone discharges
  • Let my Airbnb guests in without them having to download the app - all they would need to know is that they need to keep my intercom button pressed for over X seconds (for example 10). Hardly anybody would press the button for a long time unless they knew that would trigger the gate opening.

That would be a really nice feature!!!
I have something to add:

  • Maybe Codes are possible (long and 2x short) :slight_smile:
  • If triggered (long press or pattern) -> start auto unlock for 20 minutes on phone with push message. This way, its an nice workaround the buggy auto unlock on android.



I couldn’t agree more. As it is now, anyone who rings can easily enter the building.
It so happens that my apartment button is first so many visitors or tenants press it, when the don’t have a key.
Once the realize that every time the door opens the make it a custom to press my apartment button and enter just like that.
My experience is from using Nello one, Nuki opener is on its way.

This would add a lot of value! :metal: