Nuki Opener not compatible with Urmet 1130/16?


I have an Urmet 1130/16 intercom and want to use the Nuki Opener. Can you please tell me, which model I should choose for configuration or which pin assignment is the right one?

That’s my model:

Currently it is wired that way and working:

When I choose the model Urmet 1130 during Nuki Opener setup it tells me the following pin assignment, but my Urmet 1130/16 does not have a pin 7:

The suggested pin assignment for model Urmet 1133 also does not work:

Could you please tell me, which model or pin assignment I should try to get it to work? Or is the Opener just not compatible with my model?

Here is the manual of my Urmet 1130/16 intercom. Can someone please tell me which pin assignment is the correct for me?

Block seven is block ca in your intercom, and I assume you have a separate bell, because there is no wire in block ca of your intercom!?

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Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
Yes, I have a separate bell.

When block 7 is “CA” then it should work like described for Urmet 1133, but it does not :frowning:


Do you know why or what I should change?

Yeah it cannot work, because ca (7) is the call sign, and it can go to the ca (7) block, where your intercom would make the ring sound, or it can go to a seperate bell, where you have than no wire in ca (7) Block, what you have. So you have to wire the seperate bell to the opener (like I have - see picture) for the ring functions of the opener to work.

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Hello @Rose_Languste and thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

You are right, I have a seperate bell. But does that automatically mean, that the opener won’t work with my current cables? Although the opener can’t recognize when someone rings, but it should be able to just open the door, when I use the app? Or will that also not work?
In the setup steps the nuki app even provides an option, that one does not have a call cable.

Yes you are right, my answers was because you asked for the call. But just for opening, what I see your system is a analogue system, then you need the blue and purple wires of the opener function, take the purple opener wire in block 9 of your intercom, and the blue opener wire in block 10 (if 10 not work then blue opener wire in block 6 of your intercom) of your intercom, finish. This is just for opening.

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