Nuki Opener - New Firmware with Bugfixes planned?

Hello @MatthiasK, Hello @Georg_S,

i want to know if there is any development of a new firmware of the Nuki Opener? The last Version (according to Nuki Opener Release notes (public releases)) was released on 18.11.2020 since today there have been no changes or updates made. I also didnt saw any comments that currently someone from the nuki Developer is working for a new version (or beta) and improve the nuki opener. Im asking this because the Nuki Opener is currently not working with my Intercom System (Siedle bts 850-02) and as i can see this issue is not likely new. In the Forum i saw many people that are facing issues. Depenting on the “Website” the Nuki Opener should support it. I raised allready a support ticket but still waiting for a reply. So is there a chance to get a new working firmware of the opener, or atleast some information how the nuki team will proceed with this issue? Im also willing to support the process if i can from my site like provide Logs, Testing new Beta firmware or in otherways if possible.

kind regards for your time to reading my post!


Hi, i just want to mention that my problems with the bts 850-02 was solved by the Support (Thanks goes to “Tobias” from the Nuki Support) They changed some “parameters” and after that i was able to open the Frontdoor with the Opener. So if you are faceing the same Problems ( with the Sidle BTS 850-02) you should open a Ticket and ask the support for Help!

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Do you know aproximately what parameters were changed (before i create a support ticket :slight_smile: )?

these are internal parameters that you can’t change anywhere. I also got mine working with the support.

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This is a genuine and interesting aspect. So much time without bug fixes or new features is actually a con for the Nuki Opener.

A product like this should have constant software updates as one of its highlights. On multiple occasions, this aspect makes me decide between a product or another one with less frequent updates.

I look forward to someone from the Nuki team to provide with an overview of their plans ahead, or a confirmation if nothing is actually planned.


I’m also wondering why there have been no updates at all to the opener. It appears as if there is no interest to advance this product. Even highly voted requests in the dev forum such as this one Nuki Opener: open multiple doors appear to get completely ignored - and this one is soon two years old! Since the average user will not look in the dev forum I can only guess how many users and potential customers are waiting for exactly this functionality and don’t see it as feature as rather a fault of the product. Would really be good and strenthening trust if there would be some progress with the opener firmware.

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