Nuki Opener: open multiple doors

Product name

Nuki Opener


Support for buildings with multiple doors opened by a single button on the intercom.


Many apartment buildings have more than one communal door. To illustrate this, CAPS represent doors that should be opened by Opener:

Street | FRONT GATE | Inner complex (Innenhof) | BUILDING DOOR | Apartment door

Both doors are opened with a single press of a single button on the intercom. Nuki Opener should also be able to do this. Currently, it doesn’t.


The current behaviour of Nuki Opener is to only open one of the doors. This is obviously inadequate to enter the property using Nuki. In other words, a manual key is still needed to get through one of the communal doors.

This functionality is essential to make Nuki Opener a viable product in a multi-door environment.

The whole setup (including the Nuki Smart Lock) is otherwise useless, as a key is needed.

This issue has been raised with Nuki customer service on 25 August and as of yet no concrete timeline for the implementation has been set. I would kindly ask the community to support this request, otherwise the entire Nuki setup will be useless for me (and I’m sure many other users in this situation).



Open multiple communal doors with Nuki Opener

Additional note: this is not a feature request; it is a compatibility issue. Unfortunately there is no list of known issues/bugs that can be appended by users.

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My building is exactly like the one you illustrate, and it opens both doors, firstly the street one (after it detects the call signal from there) and then the building door, same way.

So, it is working fine in my case, it seems I got lucky in the compatibility issue.

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Interesting. Which intercom and firmware version are you using? I’m assuming you set up your intercom exactly as described in the app instructions, nothing special / different?


Intercom: Tegui M72
Firmware: 1.2.7
Setup: Since my intercom is an unknown model, I couldn’t follow the app instructions. Only 2 wires, as per Opener HOWTO - Unknown Intercom.pdf

Same issue, good request

I tried configuring the Nuki Opener using the unknown intercom instructions. Both as an intercom and as an “other door”. Nothing worked. I wasn’t sure which intercom cables belonged to RING, OPEN, GROUND, so I removed cables one by one to see which functions on the intercom stopped working. Alas, no positive results.

It is severely disappointing that the Nuki team don’t deem this issue important enough to even start looking into it. Meanwhile the developers spend their time adding new features before FIXING THE BASICS. Very frustrating. Care to respond, Nuki?

I have the same issue/missing feature with my Ritto 7639/x0 and two front doors, an outer and an inner one.

It seems that each bell / door opener combinated has a different codec/signal it sends towards the intercom via the bus system. I can set up the Nuki opener with either the outer door, or the inner front but not both. As it works with RS setup it seems that, if the intercom does not use a bus system it can manage two doors anyhow.

A potential work around could be to buy two Nuki Openers and setting up one for the outer and the other one for the inner door. Of course it would be a great feature and avoid frustration if the can be managed with one single Nuki Opener.
Does anyone know if there is a technical limitation e.g. the Nuki opener has not enough memory to store two signals?

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My second door hasn’t been installed yet but it would be great to have that feature the moment it is.

According to Nuki, it is technically possible to implement via a software upgrade. See screenshot of email from Nuki (Sep 2019).

We just need to convince Nuki that it’s worth their time to address. So far, I’ve been unsuccessful :slight_smile:


Dear Nuki team. Please could we have an update on this?

Many thanks


Dear Nuki team. Please could we have an update on this?

Many thanks

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No, sorry. We don’t share our roadmap or planned product updates here in the forum.

I have the same problem. In my building there’s 2 doors. NUKI opnener works fine for the first door, even in a Bus system like golmar platea plus (my case). But when I arrive to the second door nothing happens. Well, when I ring my flat the system answer in busy mode, like my intercom was in an active call. I could be very interesting NUKI opener can open the two doors.

It’s such a shame :frowning:


Thanks for the reply. I thought at least planned product updates were shared here:

If you are unable to share information in the forum, where can we get an answer on this topic? I have tried contacting customer service on the following dates:

  • 30 March 2020
  • 20 April 2020
  • 10 May 2020
  • 15 June 2020

Unfortunately, all of my emails were ignored.

We just want to know when this bug will be fixed.

Best regards

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I guess you are pressing at the bell/door opener downstairs, and Nuki Opener is opening the door associated with the comunitary intercom you are calling from (assuming you have Ring to Open activated) . And this happens with boths doors without any furter actions.

I mean:

  1. Ring to open activated.
  2. Call at first door -> door opens (Nuki Opener opens without ringing intercom)
  3. Call at second door -> door opens (Nuki Opener opens without ringing intercom)

Would you be so kind to confirm , please ?.

What it seems not possible for the moment is opening both doors from the phone App as the App shows only one Nuki opener (assuming 1 opener = 1 door).

A different aspect of supporting multiple doors would be to support multiple “ring buttons”. My Siedle intercom signals the door bell at the front door differently from the door bell at my appartment (the latter not having a buzzer, of course). Only when the front door bell (which was used during setup) is rang, it shows up in the openers protocol. It would be nice to also get notifications and protocol entries when the appartment bell on my floor is rang.

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I reply myself as I don’t know how to edit previous entry.

Regarding ADS/VDS INTERCOMS, is it possible that the data “frame” includes a code for the caller ? If that is the case, it would be as simple as Nuki Opener ignoring the caller “id”. Actually the intercom should be receiving the call from both doors as there is only one intercom (one “home” code) the only difference might be in the caller id (optional value at the end of the frame ?) . Intercoms, sometimes, use caller codes just to play a different ring tone depending from where they are called but I believe that it has little sense to be used to break the operation.

If this is the case I’m not sure it’s a feature request, but a potential bug (why restricting opening operation depending of the caller ?) as it breaks the ADS/VDS communication flow.

Again, replying myself.

I’ve got the opener working with two street doors (ring to open). Settings:

Opener firmware: 1.4.6
Intercom: fermax 3390, but I think it would work with any VDS voice system.
Wiring: the one suggested by the app. during installation process for this intercom. No need for further modifications.
Opening delay: 3 secs (this may be the trick, not sure).
Allow ring to open to work repeatedly (uncheck to deactivate once used for one time)
During configuration, when required to press communicator opening button, do so without lifting the intercom “phone”.
Configured requiring activation (my intercom works this way).

All these settings may work for you , or not, depending on how the intercoms were configured by the installers.

Fermax docs say that both street door openers send the same code to my apartment’s intercom, so it was feasible that both doors were opened.

The only Opener issue is having door bell suppression working… Nuki support is responding in an excellent way.

To clarify my site configuration, this is what I have:


I have the same issue with a Comelit 2608. Currently there is no proper way for me to open both doors automatically within a specific time frame.