Nuki Opener + Koch VT40


I have connected my Nuki Opener to my Koch VT40. Although the instructions in the app only show the VT42, it seems to work (mostly). The only problem I have is that when I activate Ring to Open and ring the doorbell at the apartment door, it does not open the door. However, when I use the doorbell at the apartment, Ring to Open then opens the door downstairs. I am assuming I have misswired one of the wires, does anyone have any suggestions.

Here is an image of the standard wiring before I installed the Nuki - I used the first 3 wires - White into port A (left on the adapter) and the next two for the right hand hole on the adapter.

Thank you!

Anyone have any thoughts?

Just found out from the Manufacturer that the lines are as follows:

A - Bus +
B Bus -
E - Apartment Doorbell Actuator
P + Spesig
M - Spiesig
T1 - Video
T2 - Video