Nuki opener install with Comelit 2738W

Hello, I tried to install Nuki Opener in my apartment, but I have the following problems. I have an intercom from Comelit 2738W and can’t find instructions in the Nuki app for Comelit 22738W. I ask for help and information on how to install Nuki Opener on my intercom system (see photo). How should I connect the cables? Thanks a lot!!

Please answer, I need your help! Thanks!

It looks like company don’t want to respond to your request Aleksandr. I am frustrated about Nuki opener as well because I have almost the same model of Comelit and can’t find a help. Will return this product back, and don’t recommend to anyone.,. Unfortunately

Hi Aleksandar, hi Vadim,
sorry, but we are currently not compatible with the bus-based systems from Comelit.
Best regards

Is it expected to be compatible in near future? When could be compatible?

Hello, any update with Comelit 2738W/A ?

any news?

That’s inside my intercom. Still not working!

did you try this;? It’s not the same intercom, but the method is interesting."