Nuki Opener: How to detect ring action


I couldn’t find anything in the documentation: As far as I know the Bridge can detect and report if someone rang the bell, without RTO or CM being active. How does the bridge do this?

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I would also like to know this!


See the Bridge API documentation on callbacks: Nuki Developers

Once registered, a callback should be sent to your application from the bridge whenever the Opener registers a doorbell ring. (Added in Bridge firmware 2.7.0 Bridge Beta FW 2.7.x / 1.17.x)


thanks for your reply but the question is about the bluetooth communication, not the HTTP Bridge API.

the callback notification are just state changes. (lock to unlock, rto to online, etc)
I never get a rang notification trough the callback, just at the phone.

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I’ll answer myself here, this is what I figured out:

If someone rings the doorbell, the opener signals a change in the “opener state” via iBeacon RSSI value change. The state doesn’t change though, which is how to detect a ring: Whenever the state “changes” from locked (0x01) to locked, one can assume that a ring was detected.