Nuki opener Geofence 50 Meters


I have some problems with auto unlock of opener when I’m at friends in my street.

One are living on the left edge of my 100m geo fence, and other friends on the right edge of the fence.

I readed that the minimum geofence circle should be 50 meters, that would be perfect. But the minimum I can take is 100 meters.

Did that changed and how I could get back that setting?
Another possibility would be the minimum time in geofence before opening. That should be in expert settings, but I also cannot find that entry…

Thank you and best regards

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This is a restriction that the operating systems of the Smartphones create. Neither iOS nor Android can handle fences below 100m properly (actually they work even better with 200m), therefore a smaller setting is not possible.

Some time ago we offered the 50m fence in the Android app, but it was removed because of many people using it, having problems/malfunctions with it and blaming Nuki for it.

While this is unfortunate, perhaps you can offer advanced triggers this either on device via external apps such as Tasker or via the API from platforms such as Home Assistant. This will allow creating more advanced/customizable geofence rules


Okay, I am using a android phone with dual GPS. And I have male functions because of the 100meter circle. I belive a 50meter raudius would work very better for me.

Is it possible to integrate that feature in expert settings? Where nuki cant be blamed?

Or is it possible to use a modified / older / beta version to bet that back? (of nuki or the apk)?

Thanks and best regards

I also vote for support of external activation of opening, like Tasker: Nuki Open using Tasker

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Hello Jürgen,

Couldn’t the user decide what the best option is for them ?

e.g. in expert settings?

With the solution of this restiction you may gain some negative experience for other users.

Let me test that 50meters, i think that would work great for me. So could you tell me if i get this option back when i’m install an older version of the app? or is it restricted with the update of nuki itself now?

I really want to think about buying the smart lock. But first i want to run perfect with the opener.

Thank you and best regards

Unfortunately no. I mentioned the reason for this already above.

There are plenty of apps out there that allow to create geofences and e.g. issue notifications when entering/leaving the fence. This allows you to test how well it works. You might also try to use the IFTTT integration together with some custom geofence settings in order to control the Opener with it.