Nuki Open using Tasker

I would like to be able to trigger Open action in Nuki application using Tasker. Tasker supports sending intents ( Is it possible to send some Intent that would open specific Nuki lock/Opener?
Of course, direct Tasker support will be better.

Possible usages:

  1. Simply trigger open based on any Tasker condition (like Auto Open but with much wider possible sensors/events/states configuration that Tasker offers)

  2. Android Auto integration - allows trigger Tasker task using Android Auto -> open gate using button on car’s display

  3. Trigger Open using NFC tag (open by touching NFC key by phone)

  4. Supply Open while inside the geo-zone. For example native Auto Open works great when arriving to the garage. But when I want to leave the garage, then I am still inside geozone. But by connecting phone to Car’s Android Auto, I could trigger automatic garage door open when leaving.


Tasker is automation Android application:

This would be very nice indeed! To be no longer dependend on solely the Nuki app without having a bridge

Any news here?
Is it still not possible with Tasker?

It’s working, but you need also Google-Home or alexa.

Any update? It can be very helpful