Nuki opener for intercom TEGUI 374294 Serie 8 model

Could anyone share with me the right configuration of the Nuki Opener for the intercom TEGUI 374294 Serie 8 model?. I attach my intercom image witch only have the possibility to connect 2 wires. What wires I have to connect in the intercom. Opener black wire need to be together wit black wire of the intercom and purple with the other wire? What would be the enable functionality that I have?.

Do you own the intercom/Appartement? Did you try to configure it as generic - bus ? Somewhere here was a pdf showing how to do it with officially not supported intercoms.
If you own it and the BUS system is not working - it should be a easy fix because all the buttons are hardware buttons - just need to be connected/soldered the right way and you could have full functionality (only a bumper if you need to lift the handset/receiver before you can open the door!)
Is there a speaker somewhere? Where does the sound come from?

Hola Jorge
Did you finally manage to make your Opener work with the TEGUI 374294 Series 8 model? If so, could you share a photo and explain how you did it?
Thanks in advance and greetings

Hi! I’m in the same situation with a Tegui T75 same technology as Series 8, did you find out how to make it work? Or any other solution?