Nuki Opener for ABB or Busch Welcome Series "Ring to open" work around

Since we are still waiting for a solution for the missing “ring-to-open” function for the ABB or Busch Jaeger products, I came up with a workaround which works perfectly for my usecase. I even prefer it to the “ring-to-open” function, because it doesn’t unnecessarily scare up anybody at home.

There is one requirement: your entrance has to be within reach of Zigbee, since the actual remote signal is initiated by a hue dimmer switch.

This is what I did: I added homekit support for the opener with a homebridge plugin, that runs on a docker container on my synology (you can also use a rasberry pi or sth similar). Then I programmed the hue dimmer via the homekit app with an opening signal for every button. Then I taped the dimmer switch in my mailbox. I can easily reach it, but nobody else will ever know it is there, and it only opens the door to the building, not to my appartement. Im totally fine with this solution, but of course everybody has to make up his own mind about possible security issues.

Why you don’t use the nuki App to open the house door? It’s much safer

The whole point about “ring to open” is, that you don’t need to get out your phone (or watch) to use any app. I press the hidden button, and walk into the building, and my appartement door opens via auto unlock.

Hey @bkhd this is an awesome idea, thanks for sharing it!

Can you please provide details on which Homebridge plugin you used? I tried several in the past, there is quite a lot to choose.

Thanks and greetings from Berlin


I tried out all of them and the only one I got to work is called: Homebridge Nukiio

Hi @bkhd , I also thought about a similar workaround but the issue for me is that my apartment is on the 4th Floor and out of reach for any signal.

The only solution I could think of was a Bluetooth switch that would connect with the phone and do the job with IFTTT. But it doesn’t serve the purpose if you are not carrying the watch or phone.