Nuki Opener Bug: Falsely Detecting Doorbell


I’ve discovered that the Nuki Opener appears to recognize a “door ring signal” in a specific scenario. I’m using a Siedle BTS-850-02 BUS telephone. One of the features is to dial through to the door station without anyone having to ring the bell. This is achieved by by picking up the receiver/handset and then pressing the light button twice.

This feature is outlined on page 4 of the manual, “Selecting a door station”:–.pdf

In my case, with the Nuki Opener connected, this will cause the Opener to falsely detect that the doorbell rang, once you hang up the receiver.

Hope this can be fixed, just as a side note: this did not happen with the other competitive device on the market. :wink:

Well, as of today I’m no longer able to reproduce this issue. I did a reset on the Nuki Opener and went through the configuration again. That somehow has solved the issue. Maybe it picked up some wrong signal during the initial setup for whatever reason.

Anyway, I’m glad it resolved itself and hope it stays that way. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your update and sorry we missed a direct answer for you here before. Did you update the firmware meanwhile or just redo the setup process?

The Opener was and still is running on version 1.1.2, I just did a factory reset through the app.

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Hi bit,

I hav a Siedle BTS-850-02, too. Opener is running on 1.1.10, but the Opener can really open the door when you press the bell or via app? I try to finish the setup and when I’m on the street pressing the doorbell, it is not recognized by the app. I finished the setup saying “yes” (although the door wasn’t opened) in hope it will work, but nothing.
So make long story short, your door will open with Nuki Opener?

Followed up in your separate thread: Nuki Opener does not open door (BTS-850-02)