Nuki Opener Bridge Callback


I got my Nuki Opener a week ago.
I thought to get ride of my nello one, but I have a small Issue.
Lets begin with my setup:

  • I have a nello one connected to my intercom
  • Also a nuki opener
  • A nuki bridge
  • Web notifications are configurated (i. e. bell rings)
  • For home automations I use home assistant

So what I found out is, that notifications from the opener have a delay of up to 30 seconds.
The nello app just has a delay of some seconds.
But the integration of nello with home assistant has also a 30 second delay.

I know that with the web api you can implement notifications, but with the delay, it won’t help.

That’s why I though that a call back of the bridge if the bell was rung would be much faster.
In the current documentation I couldn’t find something like that.

Hi @yan!

The Nuki Opener uses the exact same callback system as the Nuki Smart Lock.


Changelog v 1.9


  • Expanded Callbacks to Nuki Openers and added deviceType and mode .

So you set up the callbacks exactly the same and only have to check for the deviceType = 2 and/or the openers ID and be aware that the lock states are different for smart locks and opener (see

A JSON for the opener could look like:

{“nukiId”: 123456, “deviceType”: 2, “mode”: 2, “state”: 3, “stateName”: “rto active”, “batteryCritical”: false}

I made a quick test with my setup and everything worked as expected (changed states trigger the callback).

I have the same question as @yan:

Does the bridge API support bell rings as triggers for callbacks? In the bridge API docs, a bell ring is not mentioned.

No. At the moment the Bridge API callbacks only support lock status changes as triggers.

Are there plans to implement this?

@Stephan Should we open a feature request or is this something that is coming with the next update?

Yes, I would suggest a feature request for it, as it is not on a roadmap yet.

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@Stephan @yan Created the feature request.


Ohh, this was not on your roadmap in Sep 2019? Thought this is a must for a smart home integration.

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