Nuki keypad battery notification

Hi team
Was wondering if there is notification or expected life time for the Keypad battery
As now its the weak link which is not notified in my system

Thank you


The batteries should last for at least 30.000 lock commands (even in cold environments).
Currently there are no notifications in place, but it’s something we’re working on.

My new keypad is running out of battery after some weeks. Maybe 5 times a day used hope with new batteries working longer. Would be nice with a notification. Best Regards

With the newest firmware this has been added (be sure to update Keypad and Smart Lock!).

See also: Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 Release notes (public releases)
If you continue to experience unexpected battery drain on the Keypad please contact our support via or for direct help.

Where can you see the battery status of the keypad after updating? I have updated both the keypad and the bridge and the lock but I dont see any battry status for the keypad.

Hi, same for me, where can I see Keypad Battery Notifications in nuki app.
Everything up to date…

I just sow that topic, and updated my keypad.
But idem, how to configure this notification ? or is it included in IFTTT ?

@JojoBE The notification is only shown in Apps/Nuki Web if battery status is “critical” for the Keypad.
If you want to check the general status you can only do this via the Web API with GET /smartlock with

keypadBatteryCritical (boolean, optional): True if the battery of a paired Keypad is critical (only available for supported devices) ,

Thank you !

Are Nuki 1.0 supported devices ?

@JojoBE Yes, Smart Lock 1.0 alos supports keypad battery notifications from firmware version 1.10.3 on.

This critical battery notification for the keypad, will this be sent via the bridge or do I have to be on WIFI or within Bluetooth range?

@erwin The App will show the warning as soon as the critiical keypad battery state is set on the device. Makes no difference if the App is getting the data locally or remote.