Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 Release notes (public releases)

This is an overview of the latest Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 public firmware release. You will always find the latest release on top.

Firmware v. 2.9.10


  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

Firmware v. 2.8.15


  • Adding support for the Nuki Power Pack
  • Handling of the Keypad Battery Notifications
  • Battery in percent calculation
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

Firmware v. 2.7.20/2.7.30


  • Auto-Lock timeout can now be changed even when it is only active in Night Mode
  • Added release of latch when door sensor detects door opening
  • Added warning when door sensor reports open door for a long duration. Needs to be activated in door sensor settings
  • Added setting to Auto-Lock which allows to disable immediate locking when door is closed
  • Changed: Auto-Lock with door sensor does not lock an opened door after the time out
  • Improvement of battery handling and lifetime
  • Increased Bluetooth speed and reliability
  • General door sensor stability improvements
  • Performance and reliability improvements, bugfixes

Firmware v. 2.6.5/2.6.6


  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Firmware v. 2.6.3/2.6.4


  • Night mode. During the selected period, the energy saving mode of the Smart Lock is activated and the door is locked twice. Controls Auto Lock and Auto Unlock actions.
    Activate it in the device settings > Manage Smart Lock > Night mode.
    (available with Nuki App 2.5.0 and newer)
  • Lock‘n’go optimizations
  • Position detection stabilization
  • Performance and stability improvements.

Firmware v. 2.5.4


  • Multi Connect: the Smart Lock now allows multiple simultaneous connections.
  • Reduced standby power consumption.
  • If a locking action was unsuccessful due to external influences (motor blocked), the Smart Lock makes a second locking attempt.
  • Performance and stability improvements.

Firmware v. 2.4.5


  • Optimized battery consumption of the Smart Lock.
  • Fixed: After a factory reset the pairing sometimes only worked on the second attempt.
  • Performance improvements and further minor bug fixes.

Firmware v. 2.3.1


  • Fixes some issues with Lock & Go via button on the Smart Lock
  • When canceling “open door” the clutch is now correctly disengaged
  • The Smart Lock now more often recovers itself from an undefined condition
  • Should fix an issue where the internal time deviates from the actual time within a very short time
  • Fixes an issues with the LED indication of maintenance mode
  • Fixes an error in the motor control that could have caused the motor to run very slowly
  • Fixes an issue with the HTTP-API where lock commands have not been synced with Nuki Web and Callbacks
  • Fixes the issue of endless pulling of the latch when the holding time is set to 0
  • A manual pull of the latch is now also detected and logged
  • Fixes a bug of the LED ring
  • General improvements to the power consumption of the Smart Lock in standby
  • General improvements to the door sensor

Updated with v. 2.8.15 which now includes Power Pack support and battery in percent calculation.

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