Nuki Combo 2.0 but Bridge FW only 1.13.1?


although i bought the upgrade to Nuki Combi 2.0 about one year ago, I just found out my bridge is still running on FW 1.13.1. As I am using the bridge in my SmartHome environment, I am dependent on reliability. I also maintain the Nuki plugin for our open source SmartHome framework at the moment (
In the forum i often stumbled upon the 503 issue, which I still see sometimes in my server logs

(2019-12-13 17:13:26 ERROR plugins.nuki 503 Server Error: Service Unavailable for url: http: //192. 168.178.58:8080/list?token=…)

From what I read here (Random "HTTP 503 Unavailable"), the newest 2.x firmwares of the bridge fix this issue.

When I did the upgrade last November i thought that i would also get a makeover of the Bridge. Unfortunately it seems that i was only handed back a Bridge in version 1.
So my question is: are there really any differences in hardware and reliability? Is the only way to get a Bridge running on 2.x firmware to now buy another one? is there REALLY a guarantee, that i will get a 2.x Bridge?!

It is a bit sad, because in 2018 i bought the Nuki Family Combo just 3 months before 2.0 came out. I then upgraded all the stuff for several hundreds of euros. And now i realize, i did not get a “full” 2.0 replacement…

Please contact support ( and describe them your problem.

I already submitted the request via your support form and referenced the related upgrade order number. i think that should also do it, right?

But i am not sure if i will get the info this way, if a) the 1.13.1 really indicates I got the old hardware back again and b) if the new hardware and the new firmware (2.x) really changes anything? are you updating both “version lines” in the same way?

Um mal wieder auf DE zu wechseln. Habe jetzt auch noch eine Mail rausgeschrieben.

Yes, 1.13.1 is a bridge with hardware revision 1. There is no functional difference of the API between the two hardware revisions. Both firmwares are actively maintained (Nuki Bridge Firmware Release notes (public releases)).

Thanks for the information and also thanks to your support for replacing the outdated 1.x bridge. I just put in the 2.x bridge and updated the firmware to the most recent version.

Even though the firmware may be the same (except the version numbers), I got a massive improvement concerning connectivity to the nuki 2.0 locks which results in much fast opening/locking of my nukis… i will observe the 503 issue in the next days.