Nuki Bridge API: Bell Ring of Nuki Opener as Trigger for Callbacks

Do I understand correctly that the only way to detect the bell ring currently is to continuously poll the log?

I use a workaround until the callback was created. I check for:

if ($json['deviceType'] === 2 && $json['state'] === 1){

this state was trigger after a ring when the Opener goes back to online Modus. The only side effect is, the “ring” was trigger after RTO was disabled by time or action.



Dear Nuki Developer Team,
that would be so much a killer feature; enabling the opener to pass on rings to locations in the house (or even garden), where the orignal handset cannot be heart.


It’s a pity that the Nuki Team is just sluggishly and slowly responding to the wishes of the community. The feature request is from Sep 2019 and has a very strong community support. But so far there is no sign that Nuki would like to add this feature request although it would probably be a small thing.

@ Team Nuki It’s nice that you want to bring the opener to the big area but there should also be capacity for a reasonable development to add important missing things.


Dear Nuki team
I am also very disappointed that a function that the community so desires cannot be implemented in useful time. what I do not understand in the Nuki WEB protocol, the status can also be output?


I am trying to use IFTTT as a workaround to get Nuki Opener ring notification to my homebridge smart home environment but even this is not reliable.
Webhook in IFTTT are working with other services perfect but with Nuki not at all. “Ring to Open. This trigger fires every time someone opens a door using Ring to Open.”
Sometimes it is working when somebody is running, most of the time not. Not very reliable and trustworthy.

Still no alternative for a native Nuki Bridge API Bell Ring of Nuki Opener as Trigger for Callbacks we are all waiting for over a half year now. :frowning:


@DJay Are those missed notifications still shown in the activity log of the Opener or also missing there? If you can see themn, please send my your IFTTT Applet version ID via PN I can try to check the IFTTT Logs (last 48 hours only) for error messages there.

In my opinion, we shouldn’t be too harsh or pushy on NUKI. I think it is great that we can influence the development to some extent, but they are not Apple with a army of developers and they probably have to prioritise much more stringent. Overall the products are great and I don’t want them to follow the bad fate of nello. I am sure that patience and increasing user numbers attracted by its basic functionality and security will bring more features for us tinkerers in the long run :slight_smile:


Any updates for this feature? Is there a rough roadmap for the implementation? Thanks in advanced!


Hallo, das wäre sehr interessant und notwendig.



Also very interested in this feature. Would love to have the ringing of my bell trigger alerts and automations via my homeassistant install.

Looking forward to hearing updates.

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Hello Nuki Dev team,

after almost 9 months, 90 votes and 30 replies. Is there at least a chance to get a rough estimate of when (and if) this function will be implemented?

I do not expect implementation to be tackled immediately. but a little feedback to the community would be nice.

Best Regards


Its Quite Annoying that there is an IFTT Integration for the Ring but thats so slow when i e.g. wan tom make a Light Blink - it comes Minutes later and so its useless…
With the Callback that would be much better


I was just about to hit the button on an order for the Opener and Bridge but I’ll hold fire until this feature is available. Intend to integrate with Home Assistant and the timely local Api notification of a ring event is essential to me.



how can i see on my Opener, when one normal person ring?

Can you helmp me please?

’ # # # # #
ich nutze Nuki für Betroffene.

Ein Stummer Mensch, könnte so das Klingeln selber erkenne. Ich will das Klingeln mit allen Deckenlampen verbinden. Wenn jemand klingelt soll in allen Räumen das Licht 3 mal leuchten.

Für den Stummen wäre dies viel Lebensqulität.

As I am using Homey, an implementation sending callbacks with each doorbell ring with the bride API would be much appreciated.

Yesterday I received a mail from nuki, with a survey which feature should be implemented next.
The Callback couldn’t be found anywhere.
Please consider the most voted feature request in your board as one of the next things to do!


I had exact the same mind when I read the Mail

Disappointing, and quite telling if it isn’t even on their roadmap.

I’m going to have a think about making my own with NodeMcu instead now.


I am very happy to be able to announce that this is now available in the latest Beta versions of our Bridge firmware! :slight_smile:


So this feature request is now moved to “planned” as we hope to be able to bring it to all users soon, depending on your feedback!