Nuki battery pack issue

Hello guys,

I received my Nuki white edition with battery pack a few days ago.
I recharged the battery at the reception.
Today, I have a notification from Nuki app that the battery is critical.
I’m guessing my pack has a problem …
Anyone else have this problem?
Thank you

I just sent you a PM!


I’m having the same issue.
I recharged it till the LED stopped blinking, the next morning it says battery critical.

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Georges asked me to send him additional battery information indicated in the app.

"Go to the settings of your Smart Lock> Manage Smart Lock> Battery. In addition to that, there is a hidden feature on this screen. Click 7 times on the text“ Nuki Smart Lock will automatically… "

I had charged the battery in the meantime for 30 minutes.
When I put the battery back in the Nuki to get the information, the app told me 100% charge.

Additional battery information did not reveal any issues.

Geroges told me that the battery arrives with around 75% charge, I’m skeptical because the first charge lasted several hours (the LED stops flashing).
Today, after several openings and closings, the battery still shows 100%, which seems strange.

I wait a few days to see if the battery voltage drops sharply like the first time.

Hi Ernst,
could you please check under Smart Lock> Manage Smart Lock> Battery if the correct battery type has been found. Thanks

I even tried selecting it manually, but it did not change a thing.
According to the sound when opening the door the battery is actually at a low level.

Just sent you a PM

It could be the lock. I don’t have the battery pack, but my lock just ate through batteries like crazy (alcaline, NiMH, they all just lasted a few days). Nuki replaced the lock and the issue was gone (Current set of batteries has been going for months).

Is there any update to this issue?

I switched from a Nuki 1.0 to a Nuki White Edition when it came out and have trouble with my powerpack, too. With my Nuki 1.0 I had >3 month battery time (eneloops), now, with the white edition and the powerpack it dropped from 100% to 18% in 13 days.


From my data, Georg did not find any anomalies.
My battery was still drained quickly in less than 15 days.
He offered to ask for a return of the battery, I just threw it out and put in some good working eneloop batteries.
The battery is unsightly anyway (battery sticks out of the doorbell while normal batteries don’t) and I had to buy it to get the white edition.
After all that, I will finally switch to Danalock because Nuki’s API is unreliable (random 503 errors).
The Nuki adventure ends there for me.
Good luck.

Had the same issue. I guess these battery pack are of bad quality. Nuki pro - battery pack

Same problem with my battery and still not charging waiting to support team for help

I think that battle pack is not very good quality its need to charge every two weeks almost before is empty