Nuki battery pack issue

Hello guys,

I received my Nuki white edition with battery pack a few days ago.
I recharged the battery at the reception.
Today, I have a notification from Nuki app that the battery is critical.
I’m guessing my pack has a problem …
Anyone else have this problem?
Thank you

I just sent you a PM!


I’m having the same issue.
I recharged it till the LED stopped blinking, the next morning it says battery critical.

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Georges asked me to send him additional battery information indicated in the app.

"Go to the settings of your Smart Lock> Manage Smart Lock> Battery. In addition to that, there is a hidden feature on this screen. Click 7 times on the text“ Nuki Smart Lock will automatically… "

I had charged the battery in the meantime for 30 minutes.
When I put the battery back in the Nuki to get the information, the app told me 100% charge.

Additional battery information did not reveal any issues.

Geroges told me that the battery arrives with around 75% charge, I’m skeptical because the first charge lasted several hours (the LED stops flashing).
Today, after several openings and closings, the battery still shows 100%, which seems strange.

I wait a few days to see if the battery voltage drops sharply like the first time.

Hi Ernst,
could you please check under Smart Lock> Manage Smart Lock> Battery if the correct battery type has been found. Thanks

I even tried selecting it manually, but it did not change a thing.
According to the sound when opening the door the battery is actually at a low level.

Just sent you a PM

It could be the lock. I don’t have the battery pack, but my lock just ate through batteries like crazy (alcaline, NiMH, they all just lasted a few days). Nuki replaced the lock and the issue was gone (Current set of batteries has been going for months).

Is there any update to this issue?

I switched from a Nuki 1.0 to a Nuki White Edition when it came out and have trouble with my powerpack, too. With my Nuki 1.0 I had >3 month battery time (eneloops), now, with the white edition and the powerpack it dropped from 100% to 18% in 13 days.


From my data, Georg did not find any anomalies.
My battery was still drained quickly in less than 15 days.
He offered to ask for a return of the battery, I just threw it out and put in some good working eneloop batteries.
The battery is unsightly anyway (battery sticks out of the doorbell while normal batteries don’t) and I had to buy it to get the white edition.
After all that, I will finally switch to Danalock because Nuki’s API is unreliable (random 503 errors).
The Nuki adventure ends there for me.
Good luck.

Had the same issue. I guess these battery pack are of bad quality. Nuki pro - battery pack

Same problem with my battery and still not charging waiting to support team for help

I think that battle pack is not very good quality its need to charge every two weeks almost before is empty

Same here. We have the 1gen Nuki with normal batteries at home at they last 6 months at least.
Bought the Nuki 2.0 Pro with battery pack for our vacation home and the battery drains in 4 weeks.
I consider to swap the Pro with the old one

Same problem. Battery charged to 100 percent and within a couple of days the battery level falls down to critical suddenly to the extent that the lock starts making weird sound while closing and dies out. Stoped using as was scared that one day will be left locked out of the house :man_facepalming:t2:

Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) for more detailed information.

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