Nuki pro - battery pack

I have the new Nuki pro which came with the built in battery pack. Before leaving for 3 week vacation, I had the 80% of battery. I thought its more than enough based on my old Nuki.

But,… I was wrong. Battery died on me mid vacation. When we came home, we couldn’t do anything, I had to drive to my sis an hour away for a spare key.

I have been using Nuki for some time now, but this new battery pack is just rubbish. Keep an eye on it if you are leaving for more then a week.

Did any of you guys had similar issues?

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I think that it’s not the battery pack, but the build in bridge in nuki-lock version-3, what drains the pack.

I have the new Nuki that has wifi built in.

Yeah, and this wifi drains the battery.

Damn, but not in two weeks??

Same problem but is it possible that it goes from 100% to 60% and then turns off without any warning?

When there is a flaw in the programming, that the wifi module all the time connects to the wifi, and so for active the most time, drains much energy, what can get the battery empty very fast.

Same here, a full charge lasts about 4 weeks for me even with light usage.

My Wifi signal strength is good, and I’ve got the Nuki connected by itself in a separate guest wifi network as recommended:

Not as advertised for sure.

Im testing different batteries, not those supplied with the Nuki, hopefully they last longer. Im hoping the batteries were deffective.

To be sure, I turned internal wifi off and Im using a wifi bridge from my old Nuki.

Even worse here:
Charged on Monday, Today on Thursday battery pack is so weak, that the door don’t open.

  1. Bluetooth is set on low
  2. bridge is 1.5m away behind a wall
  3. system report said all ok.

How on Earth is that normal??

I just have this same problem. Did you resolve it?