Nuki Basics: Connectionstatus (not working?)


I have paired my SL3P with a Bridge (Which I am using also via the local HTTP API) multiple times but I cant see this connection in the Connectionstatus. I tried to double click on the lines likes shown in the video but nothing happens. Is this normal?

Android 13
Nuki App 2022.10.1


Same App-Behavior after joining the Beta Program for Android


Hi @SchmuFoo, for a SL3P this is working as expected - there is no connection status when the SL3P is connected via Nuki Bridge.

I’ve forwarded your request for further review.

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Hi Stefan, thanks for your feedback. Maybe you can also forward the following:

From time to time I am getting the message that I should check the integrated WiFi, although I am an Bridge user.

… and also this:

I am connected via WiFi to the Bridge, so the following message should state to connect with the SL integrated WiFi.