Nuki auto unlock not working because of not working geofence


i am owning to Nuki locks first gen. on one door and since around 2 months for one lock the Auto Unlock feature is not working anymore which is quite uncomfortable because i have to unlock manual with my phone everytime.

So I was investigating this and found out that in expert settings from Auto Unlock you can see the last Auto Unlock. And although I am leaving my home it is not recognizing that I am leaving the geofence although it is showing it.
When I am watching the map in the Nuki app while leaving it is working and recognizing that I left my home and in the end also the Auto Unlock is working.

So why is the lock not recognizing that I am leaving my home. The other lock on the same door is working. I also have reset the lock, changed the batteries and reinstalled. But no chance.

Any ideas?

At the picture you can see the last Auto Unlock (5days ago) and on the other you can see the map which shows that I already left home.


All the values are just written there if the whole “Auto Unlock” cycle finishes. So if you leave the geofence again it will not be shown here immediatly.

Please send a log-file with the exact time when it last occured to our support team at, so they can check the details of what happend.