Nuki as customer access solution

one of our customers is planning an access solution for walk in customers to their service stations. I did a bit of research and found Nuki among others. We want to implement the following user journey.

  • Each of the stations will be a equiped with a nuki lock, a gateway/bridge and a keypad
  • Customers are currently using an app to order services.
  • App will be extended with a door opener based on a code, which has to be entered when approaches at the service station
  • code will be different each opening day, keypad will have to be deactivated outside the opening times (could be a different code as well)
  • code for each lock will have to be updated over API from our apps backend

My Questions:

  • From what I have read so far, that it appears to be possible, doesn’t it? Are there any similar integrations out there that compare to the my describes use case?

  • What is the minimal setup for this solution? Can this be solved with Keypad (“1.0”), and the Smartlock 3.0 (not Pro).

  • How can each lock be linked to the according service station? Is it just with some identifier and API token or is it a more complex process to authorize our backend to link a lock to a station and to enable it to update the code for the keypad?


Yes. Use the Nuki Web API.

Yes. Keypad 1, Smart Lock 3.0 and a Nuki Bridge (and a Nuki PowerPack or 4x AA accumulators)

During setup you pair every Keypad and Bridge with its Smart Lock and link every Smart Lock to the same Nuki Web account. From there on the only difference is that you call the Nuki Web API with a different ID per lock. If everything is on the same Nuki Web account, you can use the same authentication/token per lock/station.