Application: Temporary Access Once Paid over Internet

Hello I am VERY New … just stumbled upon Nuki as a possible solution to a key part of my new business plan.

I want to set up a batting cage business and possibly replicate it to multiple sites. I would be leasing a light Industrial unit in my suburban community and marketing to the baseball community that I am already a part of. I have a moderate to high level of trust of the people who will be using the facilities and consequently would operate them unmanned.

The idea is to keep the operational costs and price to play low by having it unmanned. People book online using calendly or similiar TBD appt booking app.

Ideally they then pay online and they are given a unique password that is used for access to door to the facility at their particular time window set by the app.

This passcode could be semi permanent in some cases if users set up an acount for regular times and discounted hours.

I have been to a similar batting cage that I am modelling myself after. He just has ONE permanent code that has not changed and asks people to send email transfer payments and they have to complete an online waiver.

Despite this guy using security cameras he has had some problem with damage. I figure if I control access better through temporary pascodes I will limit possibilities for damage.

So my Questions are:

  1. Is this the sort of application that NUKI can do ?
  2. What product would I need ? there is only one door lock per location.
  3. Are there existing applications that already do what I am asking for ?

This is probably the closest to what I am looking for in answers forum …

… it but does not answer all my questions like being able to set time windows through the API ? Are there any existing apps out there that do something like this ?

Thank you for your time reading this. I know this is a developers forum and I have not read everything I should but right now I am focussed on trying to get a business off the ground and if this is too complicated then I would be inclined to go with the other method of a permanent code.

Let me know if you are a baseball fan !


I don’t know what a batting cage is, but sounds like a tennis court in terms of use. An electromagnetic lock is generally better suited for this kind of (hourly?) use, as there are no moving parts involved. Your problem is not security but access control.

The Nuki excels at home use where physical security is a lot more important, so a cylinder lock is used to actuate a secure locking mechanism.

Thank You Peter. I have gone farther down my journey and I am not talking to app developers who have scheduling apps with access control. Not even sure of lock type yet.

and BTW, Batting Cages are for Baseball - usually with a pitching machine. The “cage” keeps balls contained.