Nuki api not reliable enough

I’m trying to integrate my nuki lock with my loxone setup.
Sadly I’m always stopped from using it properly because it seems the bridge is very slow at reacting.
Sometimes I issue the command and it instantly reacts. Sometimes I issue the command and I could literally wait for about 60 seconds for it to do something.
If it remains like this I won’t be able to use the integration, which would mean the reason for buying this specific lock is gone…
Anybody else have the same problem?

We could reproduce this issues in our latest stress tests and released a new beta to adress it this week:
(and are still continuing testing different cases for further improvement)

This will most likely also go public today, so please let your bridge plugged in and check if you received the update on the weekend (The bridge tries to automatically update 1 hour after reboot and then all subsequent 24 hours and you can also use /fwUpdate command from the Bridge API to manually force an update-try).
Looking forward to your feedback if you see positive impact on your issues with this update.

Hey Stephan,

I’m going to check if this is updated now and if the problem is less.
What I also have noticed is that the bridge can only do one command and needs some time to recover.
For example, when I send the “lock” command and I can see the lock stopped turning and send the “unlock” command, I just get an error 503.

Queuing could still be improved, but the last updates should bring better error handling at least, so you not always get instant 503 errors so often.