Firmware Update: Bridge Beta 2.2.6 / 1.12.3

Release notes:

  • Better error handling within the Bridge HTTP API
  • Better time-out detection to avoid incorrectly treating the Smart Lock as offline
  • General improvements to bridge stability

Please let the Bridge plugged in for some time to automatically update (if it is in our Beta test group) and give us feedback if you see improvements in the stability of your integrations and standard usage.

Update: This firmware will be staged released to public in the next days as FW 2.2.7 / 1.12.4

For users on the public FW channel this contains:

  • Bridge HTTP API stability improvements (see above)
  • Hashed token
  • Fixes to time management

I haven*t seen any issues with 1.12.4, but I never had any issue with bridge FW before. Haven’t tried hashed token yet. I only use standard HTTP calls, no other integrations

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