Nuki-Airbnb integration - check-in and checkouts gap time

Product name

Nuki Web


Handle early check-in and late checkouts


With the Nuki-Airbnb, the access are provided from the check-in time to the checkout time defined in Airbnb. But various guests request early check-in or late check-out.
It would be great if you provided a way to set a “gap time” for all bookings, one for check-in and one for check-out, which could be used to automatically offset all airbnb check-in and check-out time on the nuki lock.
That would help a lot.


Guests request early check-in or late check-out often.
It is not realistic to handle each demand case by case and go the nuki web to handle that manually, especially when you have a lot of bookings to handle.

see Allow guests to use their PIN a specific amount of time after Airbnb check-out time
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