Allow guests to use their PIN a specific amount of time after Airbnb check-out time

Product name

Airbnb integration of Nuki Keypad

Possible solution

Allow NUKI admin to set a time span in settings of Airbnb integration. When generating new PIN out of an Airbnb booking, this time span will be added to the check-out time of the Airbnb booking. The access time of the PIN will end on Airbnb check-out time plus the defined time span.

Reason and example use case

The quest should leave the Airbnb apartment at the Check-out time that is set in Airbnb booking. In the case, the quest leaves late and forgets something in the apartment, the extended time span will allow him/her to get into the apartment again. Without this time span, you (Airbnb host) have to manually generate new temporary PIN codes.

Thx for the feature request.

As a note regarding feedback we already got for such ideas from hosts: A vast majority doesn’t want any feature where they don’t have full control over access times for a guest. So this could be very tricky to implement even as an expert setting.

This idea is a really good one and could be extended for early checkins.
I created another post for that.

@MatthiasK I did not understand the following in your answer.
“A vast majority doesn’t want any feature where they don’t have full control over access times for a guest”

With the current Nuki-Airbnb integration, the Nuki lock time access is defined by the check-in and check-out time set in Airbnb.
The idea would be to add a “gap time”, valid for all bookings, which would be set to zero by default, so there would be no changes for the hosts who don’t need this functionality.
For hosts who need it, they could adjust it to the value they like.

In both cases, hosts would be in full control over the access time:

  1. The check-in and check-out time defined in airbnb
  2. The gap time defined in Nuki Web

Does that make sense?

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A “0 as default” is always a good point to start from; this definitly makes sense. So it only comes down to “enough demand vs. our available ressources”. :wink:

I can imagine!
Now it’s time to vote guys!

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This is a must have feature. All in All there are only 2 features needed and the product would be perfect

1- The checkin-checkout time gap (as mentioned here)
2- The Code be issued automatically in the airbnb guest reservation (smartlock section).

In this case we will be able to change access times and the most important the e-mail you are sending now will not be needed anymore. (its not usable as it is as the majority of guests doesn’t look to their emails, and we cannot demand them to check their e-mails.

The majority will check only the Automated Check-in Link (created via airbnb) which includes Smartlock information (nuki code) and the directions on how to find the apt.

So integration of Nuki codes with Airbnb smartlock option is the only way.

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and additional issues with the code being sent: It only goes to the owner of the Nuki-system. Not to the admins.

Why do we have admins, if they dont get the code?

It’s a pitty that such a lack of understanding is leading us Nuki-Owners to have to make email filters to forward “entry code-messages” to their admin. If an admin change, forwarding-procedures need to be changed too. And it is neither state of the art nor a secure way of sharing door opening codes.