Nuki 3.0 Pro MQTT drop-offs

For about 3 days now, I’m facing massive MQTT drop-offs with my Nuki 3.0 Pro. WiFi is always available and marked green in Connection Status when MQTT was dropped. Can that be related to firmware 3.9.5? I’ve set the lock to auto-update. Where can I see, when 3.9.5 was installed?

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Hi, i have the same problem with my Nuki 3.0 with firmware 3.9.5
You found the same issue in this post Smart Lock 3.10.x Beta - #47 by thomas_boehm

In the Smart Locks activity log there is an entry when the update was installed. 3.9.5 was rolled out already some time ago, so you might have to scroll a bit.

Thanks, Jürgen!
3.9.5 was automatically installed on May, 29th.

That’s exactly correlating to my MQTT-connection problems in HA: Smart Lock 3.10.x Beta - #50 by alsFC

How can I get back to 3.8.7??

Opted in for Beta Program and testing 3.10.1 now…

I think i need to do this as im also having constant issues. Hows the new software looking so far?

For two days now, it’s completely stable since I installed 3.10.1!!