Nuki 3.0 Pro looses connection despite AP is next to it

Pretty unreliable when you have have rely while being away. Lock 2.0 was working fine with separate hub. Lock pro 3.0 is a disaster. I have TP-Link Omada wifi setup, every device works on lock pro 3.0 is disconnecting where day. Any ideas ?

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ALI yes play with wifi channels… 1…6…or…11
i did …

Same problem. SL3pro, 3.7.2 beta. Trying to set mqtt HA…( no wifi connection - 3m clear from main wifi Deco.

I have exactly the same problem.

I have had a Nuki 3.0 regular lock with a Nuki bridge. My setup is:

  • internet through the modem of my provider. Modem is in bridge mode.
  • from the modem a utp cable to a Tp Link Deco M9 plus. This is in router mode.
  • From the Deco a utp to a Tp Link Poe Switch.
  • From the switch Two utp cables to Two seperate Deco M9 Plus.

So i have a cabled backhaul between my Deco Mesh system. I set up Two WiFi networks. One private and one guest network for my BnB wich i have next to my Home.

I used the regular Nuki 3.0 with bridge for over a year and a half without problems. But since a couple of months the bridge lost the WiFi connection several times a day. The connection would get lost and it reconnected within a couple minutes. Sometimes it took longer. It did that for More than 8 times a day.

I did everything to fix it. I changed the preferences in the router so that the Bridge would only Connect to the Deco that is 2 meters away from the bridge. Also set up that the bridge would only Connect through the 2.4Ghz network.

This didnt help.

I then gave the bridge a fixed ip adress in the router and turned DHCP in the bridge off.

This didnt help either.

Next i contacted Nuki and got a replacement bridge because we thought it was defective. And guess what the new bridge did exactly the same.

Because i got fed up with this and because i use the lock for my BnB i bought a Nuki 3.0 Pro with the WiFi build in. I hoped that it was a flaw of the bridge and that this would not happen with the pro.

You can guess what happens. The exact same problem with the Nuki 3.0 Pro. I tried al the same settings with the 3.0 Pro and nothing helps. The Pro even stays offline longer. It sometimes reconnects after several hours!!

I also tried to Connect the 3.0 Pro to the guest network where is absolutly no traffic. But this doesnt work either.

I have no problems with other devices. Everything works perfect except the Nuki.

Due to my above findings and that it worked fine in the past i really think that there is a firmware problem!!

Please Nuki look into this!

I use the lock for my business and even have the smart hosting wich i pay for every year to have the lock arrange everything automatic for me. But when the lock is offline it does nothing. It doesnt create codes and so on. So i have to check daily if everything is ok. I also dont get the notifications real time when the lock is offline. So it actually is useless to me now.

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As a new customer of a Nuki 3.0 Pro I just found this long thread about my problem. Using a FritzBox 7590 AX (3 Meter of range) I get constantly WLAN disconnects and it does sometimes recover.

What I noticed during setup that it complains about a wrong password which wasn’t. After trying often enough the connection works and stays sometimes more than a day (which makes it hard to troubleshoot as it looks like a gambling game)

So I assume you used some new or faulty library or an own implementation of PKCS #5, RFC 8018 for the password which would make sense as the same method is used for reconnecting. Probably using the same for Nuki Bridge? Somewhere I read about similar problems.

There is a separate topic for 7590AX: FRITZbox 7590 ax issue with Wi-Fi smart lock 3.0 pro - #70 by Juergen

Hello, I was also wondering why my Nuki3Pro performed that badly, even an AP is more or less next to it. I have 2 UniFi UAP-AC-Pro and 1 Long Range in my house and usually the retina falls out of your eyes, due to wifi strength. I thought that might be the problem that the device can’t decide to which AP it should roam to. Anyway, I stumbled upon this post an tried the 2 settings above. The circled area are with the new settings:

as you can see, the connection quality rises, but is still far away as it should be. An ESP32 which is connected to the same AP at more distance looks like this:

Any more hints why the lock performs so badly with (UniFi?) APs?

The Nuki 3.0 Pro disconnects from Wifi when it can’t reach the Nuki Cloud over the Internet. So your problems may not be Wifi related at all.


How do you measure performance?
Is it slow or unreachable?

It was more or less unreachable until I made the changes suggested by TriNi:

  • enabling “Multicast Enhancement”
  • lower densitiy of “802.11 Rate and Beacon Controls” to 6Mbps

now it seems all the time reachable, but with a poor connection which I do not observe with other IoT devices

This is most likely due to the power saving mechanisms of the Smart Lock (it’s running on batteries, which most other devices don’t) and has no real life impact. i.e. in reality it is not “poor”.

If you are on a beta firmware, you can try to change the power saving of the Smart Lock to “middle” and set your networks DTIM to 3. This might increase the “WiFi experience” score, but will reduce the battery life of the Smart Lock (with no added value).

The comparison of wifi quality with USB powered devices might be a bit unfair, though. I understood, that a battery powered device has not always a good connection. My point would be rather that some tweaks in the unifi controller significantly improved the connection quality:

Screenshot 2023-09-18 145627

however, there are still some “off”-times which means that the door lock can’t be controlled with wifi (home assistant). But this is a central KPI - at least to me. Furthermore, with other APs, it seems to work better? This and the tweaks I made let me think we are looking at a software related issue, right? Either on unifi or nuki side. I would already be happy if I find the right tweaks to get to a stable connection. Any suggestions what might cause the issues with my UAP-AC-LR AP?

Maybe there is something in this post that helps: Smart Lock Pro working with Ubiquiti Unifi

Last 7 days I am experiencing lot of failures to control 3.0 Pro over the API. Locks are unreachable over the network.
Last week I was advised to wait for 3.7.7. fw, which I have already (actually 3.8.0). But still facing failure’s.

In my traces, the lock is offline or state doesn’t change after command, or I am getting Locked http response status.

I am facing these issues on my lock (demo) as well as on my customers locks - which is worse as they really want to use it. Failures rate is 25% in avg. But yesterday my customer had 80% of fails and that is far from acceptable. (a month ago he had none).

I read here that rollout of 3.7.7. fw has been paused. Are you having some known issues?

I am pretty frustrated with stability of web/api connection. It is very difficult to diagnose. Operation fails also from

How can I diagnose or see why the lock is offline? Can I pull some traces from lock?

Received my smart lock yesterday - after the initial excitement, I installed it, set it up and found I am not able to connect it to wifi. at all. from either an ios and an android client.

upgraded to the latest available firmware, 3.7.7, to no success. I have set up an isolated guest network on my router (netgear rax40), set the security to both wpa2 and wpa/wpa2. still no connection. unfortunately, my low-end router does not allow much advanced customization, however it does have basic logging and it always reports the below messages:

[WLAN access rejected: incorrect security] from MAC address 34:10:f4:, Sat,Oct 07,2023 05:08:33

[WLAN access rejected: incorrect security] from MAC address 34:10:f4:, Sat,Oct 07,2023 04:07:58

It looks like the lock tried reconnecting every hour, to no success. no idea what the incorrect security message refers to, but since I know the password is setup correctly, I am assuming it is some sort of hand shake error.

fortunately, I do have some time available for testing before returning it. I do not have a smart home setup to try, but I will test a different router and maybe a beta firmware - however, I see this issue has been going on for more than a year. and a pro lock without wifi capability doesn’t really make sense…

If you change the security settings of the router you will have to disconnect and reconnect the Smart Lock to the Wi-Fi again afterwards, because the used security method is stored when the Smart Lock initially connects.

I’m having constant issues with my Nuki lock and being unable to access it remotely. It will constantly connect and disconnect from the network for no apparent reason. It’s only about 3 meters away from the access point and I have tried every setting I can see mentioned in this post with no success. Any ideas?

Has anyone find the solution for this? I’m also on unifi environment and this week started to see exactly the same behavior. It constantly disconnects and connection is not maintained.

@Juergen my wifi stats report failure stage of DHCP for the nuki — not sure if that helps anyway. But all my other clients have no issues on that stage and I have plenty esp8266 clients.

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I tried to ping my Nuki (3.0 Pro) every 30 seconds and had no disconnects anymore. Maybe this could be a workaround for you.

That may work, but doesn’t seem reasonable at all. That’s absurd.