Nuki 3.0 Pro locks door with door open sensor

There is a Bug or it should be a request.

Nuki 3.0 Pro plus door sensor.

If I press twice before I leave home, when I close the door automatically the lock locks completely ignores the configured 20s time.

But it’s fine, I press twice and I hear a turn and it waits for the door to close, so far so good.

But if I forget to pick up something from home and the door is still open after the 20s time has elapsed, it closes!

This is wrong because if the door has points on the floor it would be forced and also I lose time because now I have to open it to close it again.

If the Nuki 3.0 Pro sees that the door sensor shows door open it should not close automatically, it should wait until the sensor detects that the door has been closed.

This should be corrected.

Thank you.


Please search the forum. There are several topics and a feature request for this which also includes a reasoning why the current behaviour is no bug, but intended:

I see it as a big mistake because that’s why I put the sensor.

If it is open it should not close because the security points hit the floor and block the lock.

It is a big mistake.

If there is no sensor, it is the lock user’s problem.

But I mounted it for that reason for security that it will never lock with the door open.

There are 3 sensors on my door.

One for the alarm, one for my home automation and the Nuki one that I only put in so that it closes by itself when I leave the house.

It worked well until one day I forgot something and I heard how it closed with the door open!!!


Please, let the user decide, if the lock should close after a defined time, when the doorsensor says the door is open! :slight_smile: What is secure at an open locked door? It is unsafe, because I hear the lock noise and think, oh my door is locked. But it is locked on open state…


Yes I also ordered the door sensor exactly for that reason only lock the dor if the door is closed.
All the other configurations (lock also of open) do not make sense!

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You can disable auto lock in the app if you want Nuki not to lock the door after X amount of time.

First there is the door sensor for that if it is open don’t close it!!! and it notifies the error.

And second you can not disable the time nor the function as you can see in the screenshot auto Lock is disabled.

And the Lock and go option does not let you!

Your screenshot is from the auto unlock screen. I meant the auto lock config

Disable auto lock so it won’t lock itself after a few minutes but keep lock immediately after closing enabled so the sensor will lock the door.

You can also config the physical button to unlock the door instead of lock-n-go. In this case when you press the lock button it’ll unlock the door → you’ll open the door → you’ll close the door → the door sensor setting from above will cause Nuki to lock the door.

I don’t think you understand.

The door always closes if it is open.

It should wait to close.

And it doesn’t!

Those options don’t fix it.

If you leave the door open, it will always close even if the sensor shows door open.

I press twice and when I close it closes immediately but if I wait it closes even if it is open.

I didn’t look for anything else because it’s a bug or it’s missing an option or remove the timer.

If I disable it all I lose that function which is very convenient.

But if you have pressed and forgot something it will close the open door.

As you can see it is deactivated!

Auto look is not the same as Lock and Go!

Exactly. Lock and Go is what locks the door after 20 seconds in your screenshot.
I’m suggesting a different approach - don’t use lock and go. Just use regular unlock action on the button press and then the door sensor will trigger a lock action once the door closes.


I use this function because I like it and I bought the sensor so that it would not close in case I forgot something.

I don’t use other functions, my house is always open and I close it when I leave that way and only when I need it.

I do not use the other options.

Everyone has their own way of using the lock and how they see things.

Here what is being talked about is that it is poorly implemented, because if I forget something the door should not close if it is open it is as simple as that.

If I had a lock with more points it would damage the lock or the Nuki.

This should be fixed!

The sensor is only purchased for that purpose.

I already have sensors on the door for security and others for other uses.

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I think there is a misunderstanding.
The door sensor or the nuki lock, only updates the door status every 20 seconds. This is completely useless.
Even if the lockNGo would work correctly, there is no change detected.for 20 seconds.
No one wants the door to be locked if it is open.

In my opinion, it is a waste of money and I don’t understand how it got into market with this state. It was not communicated before the purchase.

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The door sensor is useless!

I bought it so that it would detect if the door was open and not close it.

I even set the sensor in between-open mode resting on the slide, so that the router would not move the Nuki when it closed with the door between-open and hit the latches against the frame.

It didn’t!

The door closes and it is necessary to warn him he wants e has multipoint will have a problem could damage both the lock and the Nuki forcing the latches against the floor and the frame.

In my case it is of 4 points and it forces me against the frame.

Too bad for Nuki even you can’t disable that default time 20s.

I realized because I clicked twice on the button this is very comfortable, and I forgot a cap I went to the room and down the hall I hear the lock close.

There I realized that the sensor was useless.

I use door sensors of various systems to know if they enter the house.

I only bought the Nuki one so that it would not close when it was open.

Nuki fix this big problem.
@panu @Juergen

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They have not given any options in the latest updates or firmware upgrades to the door sensor.

The problem continues.

If I press twice before leaving and close the door.

  • The door closes when it detects that I have closed it.

If I press twice and do not close the door.

  • The door closes after x seconds and cannot be deactivated, breaking or forcing the lock I am afraid when I forget something because the process cannot be stopped.


  • Do not close the lock until the door is closed.

  • Notice that the door is still open after the default time of 20s and do not close until the door is closed.

  • In the timeout selection the minimum is 5s, add deactivate and close door sensor.

  • Timeout
    Add desaptive.
    Add close door sensor

Solution see picture or fix the bug.

You can stop any command by pressing the button on the Smart Lock again.

I’m not supposed to be at the door and it’s not supposed to close because it’s open.

If I’m at the door I don’t have to cancel anything because I’m already out the door :man_facepalming:t2:

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