Nuki 3.0 Pro - 3.9.5 - MQTT broken

3.9.5 (public) broke MQTT entirely for me. If im able to connect to the mqtt broker (which fails almost every time), the connection brakes after a few minutes. Can you maybe test the stable firmware updates before releasing them? I already resetted the wifi-connection & mqtt-connection in the settings and resetted the broker. Nothing helped. MQTT was working flawless before the firmware update.

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I have exactly the same problem.
MQTT is only working for some minutes, then it will break. (Reboot of MQTT server, deletion of MQTT configuration, removing battery from NUKI) nothing help.

But I have two NUKI 3.0 PRO (WLAN). For one mqtt is working fine, but for the other one it is really not usable.

What could be the difference between both NUKIs?
I thought a MQTT improvment was included in actual Firmware :frowning: .


He, please contact your customer support via “Help → Contact customer support” for further investigation.

Hi there.
I do have the same problems with a very unstable MQTT-Connection since the update to 3.9.5 of my Nuki Pro 3.
Please fix this or give us the chance, to roll back to the former firmware. There was no problem before FW 3.9.5

3.9.5 is a release firmware. In this forum we are discussing betas.

If you have problems with 3.9.5 please either …
… sign up to the beta program and help us to improve the firmware by providing feedback in the 3.10.x topic.
… or contact customer support through the Nuki App and report your problem there. They gather everything and the tech team will use the inputs to improve future releases.

Thank you :pray: