Nuki 3.0 connected but offline

My nuki is connected according to the app… However status shows offline and I cannot reach the lock, change settings or create a new code. I have no idea if the lock is active locally. House is 900km away…

i have this every 1-2 month.

so you have a bridge? the bridge is online?

According to the app, everything is connected well… Perfect green semi circle.

My daughter is there now and removed the battery and replaced it in the lock, with no effect… :roll_eyes:

what helps me: unplug the bridge, wait a few seconds, re-plug the bridge. Now it woks again.

please try and let me know.

Is does work, tried it
But that means I need to be there physically… It’s a holiday home 900km away.

Now I need to install a wi-fi smartplug to be able to reset it…

i am happy that i was able to help you.

yes, you either do re-plug every month or so… Or use a smart plug. I use the smart plug from bosch which is really reliable.

by the way: i know 5 people owning a bridge. All of them have the problem. And nuki is not able to find the bug so far.

that happen to me time to time and usually affects only the smart lock not the opener…

It is not a good feeling knowing that it happens sometimes. Even 1x is 1x too much. The smart plug is an easy solution. However, this should be fixed immediately from Nuki.

I can highly recommend the smart plug from Philips hue in case someone has a hue bridge. the overall system is extremely reliable - so no worries anymore.

Yeah I have the same problem from time to time, I am unplugging and plugging the bridge also.

Maybe they should just reset it every night :joy:

On modern android smartphones or routers you can set: 1x per week restart or so. this would be great.

it would be better if it works just reliable and done.

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