Nuki 3.0 auto lock issues with new door sensor and manual unlock

Hello everyone.
I have got my Nuki 3.0 with the new door sensor.
I have configured the Nuki with the auto lock after 1min and the “lock immediately after the door being closed” parameter.

Usually, when inside the house I open the door by moving the fob manually.

So, the issue is that sometimes, randomly, I open the door manually and then, when I close the door, Nuki doesn’t lock it, even if I wait hours.
In the Nuki app it’s giving me “Door closed” and “blocked” but the smart lock firmware cannot understand that if a door closed and blocked cannot be opened and if so, then if a closed door opens, cannot be closed if blocked .

So, something very weird happened here.

Both Nuki smart lock 3.0 and door sensor have got the same firmware.
Seems that the instability with the old door sensor is also replicated on the new door sensor.

Please, help :slight_smile:

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When you open the door manually you must make sure that after the lock has been clicked, the door is unlocked by looking at the light (the semicircle must appear). Basically it happens that when you open it manually you have to do at least half a turn of the lock more after the click sound, Nuki does not detect that the door is unlocked. It therefore happens that when you close it, it appears that it has never been opened. If, on the other hand, you use its key this does not happen as it is already programmed to turn beyond the click of the lock. I hope I was clear

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This is totally incorrect.
First of all, old Nuki 2.0 was acting properly, recognising when the door is opened or closed even if unlocked manually by rotating the knob.

With Nuki 3.0 the behaviour is inconsistent and unexpected. Sometimes the Nuki autolocks the door and some other times not.
The responsable for door detection is the new door sensor which in my case made the experience worst and I’m totally unhappy with this Nuki 3.0.
I hope that the Nuki team will work on refining the firmware on the new releases, I’m available to test new beta (or alpha) versions, like the ones which I had for Nuki opener firmware improvements with fermax devices, helping the Nuki team.


This looks like an individual problem with your setup. Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) as might require sharing logs and other sensitive data.

Today for example I have entered inside my house with autounlock feature.
When I have closed the door, the Nuki didn’t auto locked it.
In the logs I have got the correct door state (auto unlock->door opened-> door closed) but no auto lock.
I cannot understand why.
I’ll contact support today itself.

Look here: if you can see Nuki is not autolocking itself, even if the door sensor is detecting that the door is closed.

@Juergen any update?

In your screenshot you did open a locked door. This is not possible (unless you have a non compatible lock). The Smart Lock does not Auto-Lock because it thinks that it is still in locked state.

As i wrote above …

… please contact support.

I have unlocked the door manually, using the Nuki mecanism, so I think my issue is my Nuki which is unable to understand that I’m opening the door manually.


@Juergen hello. Nuki support replaced my smart lock and I have got still the same issue, the door sometimes doesn’t autolock itself.
I’m running crazy and I feel a lot insecure. Please, help me on my issue.

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I already wrote above that the issue might be that you have a non compatible lock. Please run through this Is my door lock compatible with the Nuki Smart Lock?. The most important requirement is that the key turns simultaneously on both sides and that there is no clutch, emergency release or other mechanism in the cylinder or lock that prevents this from happening.

Hello @Juergen ,
my door is clearly compatible, I’ve seen the link you’ve sent to me and I have got no issues with nuki smart lock 2.
With nuki smart lock 3, randomly the door doesn’t lock itself or the door sensor cannot communicate to the nuki smart lock 3 that the door is it opened or closed.
But definitely, the new door sensor is far from be reliable, please, give me a solution, thank you.

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I don’t know what is so unclear, he described several times, that the lock Version 3, don’t recognise manual opening over nuki mechanism (turning the big wheel on the lock), and so for the lock thinks it is still locked!? Mostly I would think, that some sensor inside the lock, for recognition of turning the big wheel, is broken, - but he already wrote, he got a replacement, and still the same issue!? Mostly I think now, that the states of the new door sensor, overwrites or have higher rights, as the sensor inside the lock for turning, because then it would be clear, why it acts that way, and cannot be solved from the user!?

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@Rose_Languste thank you for understanding my issue and explaining so well.
I’m still having this issue and nuki seems not aware about this bug or ignoring my request.
Also support channel neither replied to me about this.
I don’t know what’s happening, let’s wait a reply from @Juergen

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@Juergen a simple reminder about this topic.


If the door sensor does not work try to recalibrate it.
If the manual opening of the door is not recognized try to recalibrate the Smart Lock.

You can try to deactivate the integrated WIFI and see if this changes the stability of the door sensor and/or recognition of the manual opening.

You might also try to join the beta program which gives you access to the latest firmware version and us the possibility to have more detailed logs available about your Smart Lock. Please PM me your Smart Lock ID (which is listed at the bottom of the administration page) after you have installed the beta.

Aquí otro con problemas con el sensor. Sólo que en mi caso el sensor deja de funcionar cada pocos días y toca retirarlo y volver a instalar de cero.

Have you found a solution yet? I’m facing the same problem, and also when I use my keys to unlock the door.

I have exactly the same issue on two Nuki 3.0 in different locations. Im in touch with Nuki support. I asked them to send me a new 2.0 not 3.0 since I’ve had only problems with it :frowning:

My video, how it doesn’t work here - iCloud