Nuki 2.0 and motor noise

is there any enhancement of Nuki in version 2.0 concerning the noise emitted by the motor/device when it unlocks/locks the door ?

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tl;dr: No

To quote from our announcement here:

… which means that you can reduce the noise significantly by following the same tips than for Smart Lock 1.0:

Optimize the locking rotation of your Smart Lock and lock even faster
During calibration, your Smart Lock will know your lock the first time you set it up and save the minimum and maximum lock positions. These two stops define the locking rotation. Between these locking points, it then comes to the actual locking mechanisms. You can recognize these by the “click” as the key is turned. At this moment, the locking bolt jumps one position further. Even if your Smart Lock knows the minimum and maximum lock points, it can not deduce at which positions the ‘jumps’ of the locking bolt will pass. So it is possible that the Smart Lock may make unnecessary locking rotations when locking and unlocking.

With the current firmware update, you can manually adjust the locking rotation path of your electronic door lock and thus reduce the duration of the locking process. You can find these tweaks using the following path: Smart Lock > Settings > Administration > Optimize Locking Rotation.

Glue the mounting plate instead of screwing it
A glued mounting plate transmits less vibrations to the door which reduces the noise.

Wrap something around the key
Depending on the thickness of your key, there might be some room for the key to move around while the Smart Lock is locking or unlocking. As most door bolts “jump” during a 360 degree movement, this can produce an additional noise. Wrapping something around your key or using a knob cylinder with one of the knob cylinder adapters of the Smart Lock 2.0 can lead to a much smoother noise level.

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Thanks for these details.

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