Smart Lock 2.0

What’s new?

Apple Homekit

Apple HomeKit integration means that the Smart Lock can now be controlled with Siri, managed with the Apple Home app and incorporated in HomeKit Scenes.

Nuki Door Sensor

The new door sensor allows you to see not only the status of the lock cylinder, but also of the door.

New Compatibility

  • UK oval cylinder with emergency function
  • Knob cylinder

Communication Technology

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Zigbee (Q1/2019)

The new version of the Smart Lock will be available in the Nuki Shop in November 2018.


Will the first generation of the Smart Lock also support HomeKit in the future?

No, first generation Smart Locks do not support HomeKit. There is an exchange program that allows existing customers to upgrade to the new generation at low cost.

Can the door sensor be retrofitted for the 1st generation Smart Lock?

No, you can’t retrofit the door sensor to your old Smart Lock. To take full advantage of the door sensor, you need the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 with updated firmware, increased speed and new processor. If you already have a Smart Lock, we recommend you join our exchange program.

What does Smart Lock 2.0 cost and when will it be available?

The Smart Lock 2.0 will still cost 229,- Euro. For the Nuki Combo, too, we will stick to the existing price model of 299 euros. The Smart Lock 2.0 will be available for customers to order in the Nuki Shop from November 2018.

What other technical innovations/improvements does the Smart Lock 2.0 offer compared to the previous version?
  • Compatibility with Apple HomeKit
  • Door sensor
  • 200 authorizations per Smart Lock
  • Bluetooth 5
  • Better Processor
  • Support of knob cylinders
  • Compatibility with UK oval cylinders

Is the new Smart Lock 2.0 quieter than the first generation?

The loudness of the locking process of our Smart Lock is determined by the form factor. This is mainly due to the feature of retrofitting, which is very important for us. A lot has already been done to optimize the locking paths of the Smart Lock and thus shorten the locking period. In any case, the Smart Lock tuning leads to a significant improvement here. We know that the easy retrofittability of the Smart Lock is a major selling point for the majority of our customers. More than 80% of our customers use the Nuki Smart Lock on their existing locking cylinders. For this reason, we have also stuck to our successful hardware concept with the Smart Lock 2.0 and have not changed the form factor of the Smart Lock.