Notification Settings keep getting reset after a few days

Dear Nuki,

I found a bug, which I can reproduce for both our Nuki smart locks (2.0, both with bridge)

Administration -> Notification Settings (“Benachrictigungen verwalten”)
then I activate them for “Smart Lock Actions” and “Warnings and Errors”

and if I return to the Settings after a few days, both are reset and deactivated again.

I’m on the latest Android App Version, and Firmware 2.6.3, and I will not update to 2.6.4 because for now they seem to be working, and there are other reports of unwanted behaviour after the update.

I updated to 2.6.4, and it still happens at both Smart Locks.

Do you receive notifications for some time (before it is deactivated)?

In any case please send a log-file to our support team at, so they can check the details of what happend.

yes, within the time window when the notofications are still activated I also do receive them, but after some days the notification settings are off again. I just sent the log, it’s from my registered email address, and in debug mode.

I cannot give you an exact time, because I do not know when the settings get deactivated. Approx. I’d say after about 2-3 days.


I activated notifications also for every time someone opens or locks a door, so I received many of those. Yesterday those settings were somehow deactivated again; I sent you a debug log - but unfortunately from another email address (which still includes my name). Do you want me to re-send it from the one associated to my account?

i can confirm the same problem.
after some time the notification settings are gone.

I don’t know what event this triggers, maybe config change or firmware update ?

After update app from 2.6.1 to 2.6.2 Android the notification was gone for the opener. Smart Locks are still there.

Notofications were gone again, I sent another error log.

So, it’s been 3 months now. Do you have any updates? My notifications are still reset after several days. Maybe it would be easier for you to just remove the possibility to turn them on?

4 months, I’d really appreciate any answer. I just set my notifications again.

Sorry, we are still not sure why it resets again over and over for you.
If it happens the next time could you please leave it that way and send me a PM so that we can try to check the settings via the Web API together (if this is o.k. for you)?

Logging in to NukiWeb and connecting to my devices fixed my issues, seems like the PIN had to enter again. Since that I receive notifications without any interruption

I just tried, but I need to be within bluetooth range of the nuki, so now I am no longer logged in. But I will try next time I’m in the office.

If that doesn’t help I’ll update, when the settings are reset again! thanks

Correct, if you change the Admin PIN in the App (only) Nuki Web can no longer sync the activity log, which also makes the push notifications stop. Best way to avoid this, is to change the Admin PIN primarly in Nuki Web (as the Nuki App will ask you for it the next time it is needed anyway and so you can’t forget to change it there).

In the meantime I changed the PIN in the App; also afterwards once changed the pin in Web. I set the notifications, but since at least yesterday I do not receive notifications again. I tried yesterday, after selecting “Benachrichtigungen verwalten” (=Manage notifications?) I got an error message that I had been logged out. I did not follow up further, tried again just now, and -without entering login credentials again- this time I was able to get to the notification settings - which are all reset.

So, I did NOT set them again; what are the next steps?