Notification or Auto-Calication for cylinders with panic function

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Nuki Smartlock 2.0


Notification or optional auto-calibration (if allowed by the administrator) in case of lost motor calibration as a special result of activated panic function of lock cylinders in public buildings.


As i know every entrance door of an emergency route in a public building must have a lock cylinder with “panic function”. This function can work as follows: When the entance door is closed and someone wants to leave the buildig, the latch is mechanically pulled back, when the person pushes down the door handle. This is useful, if the person or many persons must leave the buildig quickly (e.g. because of a fire) and so they can open the door without prior unlocking.
The disadvantage for Nuki is that the motor does not rotate while pulling back the latch and so he loses his calibration. The next person, who wants to use Nuki gets a “motor blocked” error message.
In buildings of associations or voluntary organisations this case can occur very often, when a person, who is not the last one, leaves the building and locks the door by Nuki. The person afterwards, who wants to leave, activates the panic function unintentionaly and Nuki is without calibration…


In combination with the door sensor you perform the following algotithm: WHEN the lock status is “closed” AND the door status is “closed” AND the door status changes from “closed” to “open” WITHOUT changing the lock status" THEN the panic function of the lock cylinder was activated and so Nuki starts automatically a calbration or sends the administrator a push error message “panic function activated, please calibrate nuki”.


Widespread use of Nuki in public buildings and more satisfied users in this buildings.

There is a hidden feature in the latest Smart Lock 3.0 (Pro) firmware, which you might want to give a try:

If the Smart Lock 3.0 (Pro) runs a firmware >3.6.9 and debug mode of the Smart Lock is active and a door sensor is paired the Smart Lock goes in state “Undefined” when the door is opened while the Smart Lock thinks it is locked (i.e. the door was opened through a panic function or with a key when a cylinder with priority function is used, where the inner and outer keys are not rotating together).
In state “Undefined” it is still possible to lock / unlock / unlatch the door. Performing a lock command will drive the lock to full locked position in order to recalibrate the internal position sensing of the Smart Lock. In case of an unlatch command, the Smart Lock immediately unlatches the door and repositions itself based on the unlatched position. Unlock commands via BLE and remote unlock commands sent through the specific error dialogue that appears in “Undefined state” within the Nuki App, trigger an unlatch door command. All other unlock commands are denied.
After any of the above lock commands is finished the Smart Lock exits the “Undefined” state and displays the correct state again.

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Hi Jürgen,

we still suffer from this problem and these are good news. Unfortunately almost all of our outer doors have Smartlock 2.0. Changing the device would generate much work, because there are round about 100 users saved and they all must be new invited to every door :frowning:

Is there any chance to implement this feature almost on the older devices or as alternative, migrate user data between smart locks?

Best Regards

  1. We do not comment about planned features or our roadmap here in the forum.
  2. The integrated door sensor of the Smart Lock works slightely different than the external one of SL3. Such a panic function would need to be separately evaluated for SL2.
  3. User migraton is currently not available. Mass invitation of users works if you invited them via E-Mail through Nuki Web.