Not able to pair with Android Wear (V2)

Hello Jens,

thanks for reaching out. In general it is possible to directly perform lock actions with the Wear OS app. Which watch and Wear OS are you using? Happy to help!

I am sorry that you got a misleading answer from your support. I’m in touch with our support to clarify you request.

Hi Stefan, I have so far had a TicWatch Pro, a Fossil Carlyle Gen 5, and currently an Oppo Watch (41mm). Luckily I was able to return the first two. On all three the WearOS app showed successful pairing with the lock, and the corresponding user appeared in the Android app. But I have never been able to actually do a lock or unlock operation purely from the watch.

Hi, Stefan. What are you saying " In general it is possible to directly perform lock actions with the Wear OS app. " ?
NUKI claim for 2 years ago that we can use the Android Wear/Wear OS watches WITHOUT SMARTPHONE, in order to lock/unlock Nuki Smart Lock 2.0.
From the same side, Chat Nuki specialists say that at this moment is not possible ( 2 chat sessions in this days, same answer - is not possible to lock/unlock with Android wear /Wear OS watch, without smartphone).
Like Jens, I think also that : “It would be really nice if Nuki could stop advertising features that they know don’t work, wasting people’s time and money.”
If you know that feature is not working, what is the reason to keep in Android/WearOs Nuki app for watch, the 3rd page with “Direct access” pairing menu? I waste many days to understand what I’m doing wrong !
I even succesfully pair watch with NukiSL2.0, I see the NUKI SL2.0 in bluetooth devices as active device, but I can not lock/unlock the Nuki Smart Lock ! “Smart Lock is not reachable” is the message received, even the bluetooth connection between watch and NukiSL2.0 is ACTIVE.

Stefan, please read this Nuki post from 2019 :

…We want to give you an early Easter present with the latest update of your Nuki iOS app. Because what already works with Android Wear is now also possible with the Apple Watch: directly controlling your Nuki Smart Lock with your Apple Watch…

…already works with Android Wear? In 2019 ? That feature NEVER WORKS IN THE PAST !

Just want to say that unlocking and locking now perfectly works with my Ticwatch Pro 3 using Android Wear. Sometimes it can be a little slow to recognize the lock but not longer than 30 seconds.

One extra data point.
Was failing to connect my new wear 2 watch with my lock.
Found this post, deleted the user for my previous wear 1 watch, and it worked immediately.
This is clearly a bug. At least some guidance in the wear app to remove other instances might help users?

Please update your apps to the latest version: App Update: Nuki Android App 2.7.7, we fixed several issues around the watch app.