No Webhook State after LockAction Nuki 2.0

Thank you for your answer. Is it possible than when I lock/unlock SL and have phone near SL with bluetooth turned on that phone gets connected to SL via bluetooth and then Nuki Bridge doesn’t send webhook state change because bluetooth connection is made by phone and not by Nuki Bridge? I tested it now first with phone bluetooth on and state didn’t change and then with my phone bluetooth off and then state did change through webhook. I don’t know if this is coincidence or it works that way. But if it works like this why are there no delayed state change through webhook? I have Nuki Bridge Android app (Huawei P10 Lite smartphone) which is always plugged in and only 2 meters away from SL, wifi and bluetooth are always enabled and I have all of the additinal settings checked in app (auto connect, developer mode, reconnect in case of bluetooth problems). Am I missing something?

It should make no difference how you lock (as the Bridge only forwards the command and the state change should be pushed anyway from the Smart Lock to the Bridge).
But I will test the callbacks again tomorrow - as you described it, with Android Bridge App and one time with and one without bluetooth - to see if I can reproduce the issue on our side.

I could reproduce some of your issues which seem to be related with the Android Bridge.
But we need to investigate further.

Could you please activate the debug mode on your Android Bridge App, try it again and then send us an error report to

The process is similar to the one on the Android App described here (only that the menu is on the top right):

OK. I sent you log report (I’ve already had debug mode enabled). If you can’t find any useful tell me and I’ll try to reproduce this problem later.

Hello, I didn’t see your post here. I think there is no issue with homebridge-nukiio plugin so I won’ post issue for now. I think your plugin works without any mistakes. The only thing I noticed is that every log messages (for example when there is a response to lockState request) is printed twice in homebridge log.