Night mode doesnt unlock in the morning


I have a questions regarding the functionality of the night mode.
I have activated the night mode from 22:30 to 05:30.
lock door -> switched on
Auto lock -> switched on in the menue
Auto unlock reject -> switched off in the menu

  • Evening the smart lock locks the door 720° -> everything is fine
  • Morning (after 5:30) -> Smartlock is still locked :frowning:

Maybe I’m the only one who did not understand the function, but I would expext the door is locked (and the reduced BT) within the defined timeframe and unlocked all the other time.

So I have to setup a seperate time shedule for unlock the smartlock…

Thanks for feedback.

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same here, doesn’t work for me either. I deactivated it…

Night Mode is not supposed to unlock in the morning (which would impose quite a security risk if you forget to deactivate it when you‘re not at home).

It is a bit confusing, because you can choose an end time. What is the purpose of this then?
The security risk would be minimised if you check if the lock was already locked prior to the night mode Start and then it does not open when the night mode ends. Or do I misunderstand this?

I think so. Night Mode is a „peace of mind“ feature that helps you to have and keep your door locked during night-hours.

Here is a longer description of it:

Thanks Jürgen, I understood now that “my common sense” is not included within the night mode.

What I really dont understand is:
I’m at home, door is closed but unlocked, night mode locks the door, I have a safe night, and when I wake up in the morning or I want to leave the house I need to unlock manually (or be 2nd time schedule programming), which is not smart to me.
But before the night, the door was already unlocked, so why should it be a security risk if after the defined night time the door is again unlocked?
Although when I leave in the morning, I have in general the possibility to lock again. So as well no security risk.

Sorry I dont get it, maybe I oversee something…

Because an unlocked door is per definition not secure. If there is just one case that unlocks without you wanting it, it’s already a risk that should not be added to a feature that is designed for “peace of mind”.

Automatic unlocking in the morning when you are at home, is something the Smart Lock can currently not do, because it does not know where you are. If something like this “last person left” feature request gets implemented, it would be possible. You could also file a feature request for the feature that you want.

I was also surprised by the fact that after night, night mode is not unlocking once. For example I have set my door to be always locked outside of night mode but only turning the key once. During night it is turned twice. In the morning I would expect it to go back to only being locked once.

To unlock the door in the morning you can activate time and day in “timeplanning” Offcourse you can also lock the door in the evening by using this setting instead of night mode.

I would agree with Jochen & Yi and this logic does my head in. So either we don’t need the feature because apparently we can program it with “timeplanning” (?) or if night lock locks the door between specific hours, why wouldn’t it open it again at the specified End hour? Or why have the end hour at all?
Or why not just have a checkbox option to autounlock at the end-hour if that’s what you want (with all the security caveats)?

Did anyone add a feature request that I can add my vote to?


Not sure if I described it properly but I hae tried to open a feature request.
@Onno, Yes for sure I can use the timeplanning, but in fact to use to functions for one is in my PoV not user friendly and smart.

I personally would also live an option to just turn the key once. So it is still locked. As I use this as my default, restoring to a previous state would work as well in this case.

At least a note should be added to the “end time”in the app that the Nuki will not use this time to unlock. Otherwise it is just confusing to several of us.

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