Night mode option to unlock if night mode is finished

Product name

Smart Lock


Night mode Feature and its integrated time shedule


Option to re-establish the state of the smart look before the night mode has started
For example:

  • smart lock was unlocked (door closed) during the day
  • 10pm night mode starts and locks the door 720°
  • 6am night mode ends and the smart lock is unlocked again (door closed)


If currently the night mode is activated you must manually unlock the door in the mornig which is annoying and not smart.
The option to program a time schedule at a different menue (which is currently possible) with the app is as well not user friendly and smart.
I you liked to have an unlocked door before the night mode, why should the state of the door different after the night mode?
I would expect most of the users use the night mode during night, so for sure they are at home and there they need to have the door unlocked to leave in the morning.
And there is a difference between feeling safety when you sleep and when you awake.

Maybe a Nightmode itself is the wrong direction-much better could be a “sleep mode” where I can program times when the smarklock should “sleep”


Start Nightmode when ususally no one will use the door, to safe power and have the door properly looked. Enjoy a unlocked door when I leave in the morning

I have no votes left, but I also support that function, too. For security reason (e.g. several days on vacation) the night mode should only lock and -more importantly- unlock if the Nuki was not locked before night mode starts.
I never lock my door at night so this adds security to my flat. Unlocking in the morning is no fun as I deactivated the button (kids play around with it) and I need to start the app otherwise (not cool) when I want to leave the flat.

I’m using the night mode since 2 days and I thought there is a problem with the smart lock because it doesn’t unlock at the defined night mode end. So I checked the configuration and noticed that there is only an option for enabling auto lock but not for auto unlock.

Here is my +1.

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Here is some insight why it is as it is. Basically it has safety reasons, but you are not the only one that was confused by this behaviour

I had the same problem, trying to exit after night lock and the door was still completely locked :wink:
So what I did is to create a cheduled unlock weekdays at 06:45 and at 08:00 on weekends.
This resolves my needs but it does not resolve the „revert to the state before night mode“ issue.
So in case I am not at home for several days, I can just deactivate the timers and the door keeps fully locked.

But I still would like to see an extended night mode with an end time and the options „do nothing“, „revert to previous state“ and „unlock“.