NEW: Native Google Smart Home Action

Nuki does now offer a native Google Smart Home Action, which allows users to unlock or open doors. :blush:

It’s currently available in German, English and French, and more languages will be available soon!

Supported voice commands:

Start with “Ok Google…”

  • “…lock [Nuki]”
  • “…unlock [Nuki]”

Instead of [NUKI] you have to use the Name of your Smart Lock.

German example: “Hey Google, sperre [NUKI] auf / zu”
French example: “Hey Google, dé/verrouiller [NUKI]”

Setup instructions:

  1. Activate Nuki Web in your Nuki app (Settings > Manage Smart Lock > Activate Nuki Web).
  2. Link the “Nuki” Action in your Google Home app. Go to: Set up device > Works with Google > Nuki.
  3. Login to your Nuki Web account and allow the Google Assistant to access your Smart Locks via Nuki Web.
  4. For unlocking doors with Google Assistant, set your personal security code (e.g. 1234).
  5. When you have finished the setup, tell Google to lock the door.
    Say for example: “Hey Google, lock NUKI.” (you have to use the name of your Nuki Smart Lock).


Google Home app > ‘Works with Google’ list of devices: