Multiple issues with Nuki 2.0


I just had multiple issues with the smartlock 2.0 after flashing the latest firmware version.
The last update just turn my smartlock totally crazy :

  • It don’t respond to any remotes actions, even when the connection status is ok
  • It lock/unlock every 10 seconds (creepy, as I need to remove battery to stop it)
  • I can’t connect by Bluetooth because it say I’m note in the range (I had the smartlock in my hand and the phone in my other hand…)

I updated my smartlock because the AutoLock feature wasn’t working. I was convinced that the firmware update will solve this bug but no.
I’m using smartlock for business purposes, so I was forced to remove and replace it.

How can I reset this Nuki or downgrade to the previous version ?
How about the AutoLock function ? It work on my smartlock 1.6.2 but not on this one.

Please, be carefull when you’re pushing new firmware in production.


We have 100s of customers updating every day without issues. This must be a unique problem with your installation. I’ll send you a DM.

I have SL 2.0 with the latest firmware 2.3.11 and for me its one of the best setup till now. The Auto-Unlock is more reliable than ever (with my phone which has Bluetooth 5.0) and the door sensor works just perfect for me. It never shows a wrong status anymore.

I guess something has gone wrong during the update for you. As always, send the logs to Nuki so that they could get some hints on whats going wrong.


Yes, it must be an isolate problem, no doubt about that! It arrives to every company, and it don’t change the things that Nuki’s products are awesome! I own 5 Nuki Combo with intense use, so I have a higher chance to have issues also.

How do you send logs about a smartlock ? Remember that I can’t connect to it by Bluetooth either with Bridge anymore, so I can’t say which firmware version it is or manage anything from my phone.
I’m not talking about Auto Unlock, but Auto Lock function that wasn’t working.

@Juergen, I answered to you, thanks for reaching me.


If the device is bricked and you can’t connect to it, I guess you will have to send it back. I am sure the the guarantee covers it as you used the official means to flash it. Let’s wait for the official reply.

I had same issue. I believe I’m my previous firmware upgrade, something was wrong. The batteries was drain quickly and each time I have to removed the batteries Nuki was totally crazy.

I contact with support to request to be added in the beta tester plan. Now I have the latest version version 2.4.x) and it works perfectly. Also I’m using the Android beta and I’m really happy.

I’m know BETA versions for a anything regarding with security could be critical, but for your case maybe is recomendable

Had the same issue here. Several updates and even to change the batteries ends up with this strange behavior. No other way to fix this than a full factory reset.
After setting up everything again it works until a new firmware arrives or I had to replace batteries.

Looks for me that it has issues restoring the settings after a new start and crashes then.

Now it is on the way back and will be hopefully replaced by a new one.
Unfortunately the support is very slow. My first email about this issue was middle of December…

Unfortunately, I have the same problem. Today I have changed the battery. After that, the SL drives me crazy completely. It turns on and off, flashed and the bluetooth connection to my smartphone was gone. In the end, only the factory reset helped. I am not very amused.

Firmware is 2.3.11

After replacing and some time of testing I can confirm it is working now. Seems the Hardware was broken somehow.

Thanks for the update!
We examine all returned hardware to see what the reason for the problems was.

Sounds good. Any ideas what the problem is in this case?