Nuki unusable after battery change

Everything was fine until I had to change my batteries.

After I inserted the new batteries the lock starts to blink (appox 10 to 15 sec.) then starting to lock and unlock the door…

The major problem is that I cant get a bluetooth connection. Neither via smartphone nor via bridge…

The only solution is to reset the nuki lock and start all over… But I dont want to completely configure the lock after every battery replacement.

Using the nuki 2.0 combo with installed door sensor.

Any ideas?


maybe the same problem

I think you have to replace the SL


I dont think so… Because after master reset and new reconfiguration the lock works. I only got troubles once I have to replace the batteries.

How and where can I replace the lock?


Are you using the latest beta firmware?
Issues like this should go away with the update.

I am using the latest firmware but NOT the beta fw.

When will the actual beta FW gets released as stable? I am not sure if I should subscribe to the beta prgramm.


The current beta 2.4.4 is supposed to be the final public version, which will be released soon.

I can confirm that the beta firmware resolves the problem. With the firmware 2.3.11 i have the same symptomes like Coolduke

@macatnk: thx for the feedback.

@Juergen: will the new firmware be published in a few days or later? I have to deceide if its worth to join the beta program or just wait a few days for thr new firmware.


Can’t give you a date, but when you’re part of the beta program you do not have to install new versions. It’s just optional and will be suggested to you like any other firmware update. We can also remove you from the beta on your request if you don’t want to be part of it anymore.

@Juergen: I sent you a private mail in order to join the beta program. Have you received it?


Still no fw update available :frowning:

Over 2 years later and I get this same issue whenever I change the batteries. Is there any resolution for this yet ?

Also, I suggest the battery polarity be marked on the battery compartment as all the connectors are the same. It is easy to replace the batteries with the wrong polarities.

Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) as this is an individual problem and might require sharing logs and other sensitive data.