MQTT server not updated with new states

Every week I come across this situation:

  • The Nuki is LOCKED.
  • The Nuki works fine
  • The application displays the correct information.
  • The WIFI is connected.
  • The MQTT client indicates that Nuki is UNLOCKED.

Locking and unlocking the Nuki does not change the MQTT state.

The only way to resolve this situation is to remove the battery.

Model: Nuki 4 pro (Firmware 4.1.8)

there are issues with mqtt, if I send a mqtt message from Home Assistant or Mqttx, Nuki doesn’t read it… but if you use the app and lock or unlock… Nuki writes a mqtt message

I’ve opened a request… but for now no reply.

nobody replied but look at these topics:


No feedback on this problem?

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